Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blackberry 101

so my best friend just bought her blackberry few days back, and shes now clueless on where to start. being me, the kindness of all, im going to teach her steps by steps (here) in the process of transforming her into a bb "BIMBO" :)

first of all, theres no use of owning a blackberry if u haven't got your internet connection from your provider. i don't know how things work in Malaysia but all u gotta do is just give them a call or something and get yourself connected first! then only we can proceed to the next page!

ok lets talk about the most interesting features, the infamous BBM (blackberry messenger) :D BBM is simply an instant messaging program for blackberry-to-blackberry communication (ehem!) It allows two people with BlackBerrys to chat in real time anywhere in the world so long as they have data service. There is no per message charge like there is with SMS; messages are sent through RIM servers similar to email messages! (so babe yes, u MUST register your BB for an internet connection)

how to start? all u gotta do is go to the OPTIONS>STATUS>PIN code. so if someone asked for your PIN to start BBM-ing with u, theres where u'll find it :) or, if you are requesting a contact by email, u simply need an email address associated with their device and then VOILA! u can start conferencing with ME and whoever owns a blackberry :)) sounds complicated, no?

one of the things that i love most about BBM is that, u'll receive photos from your friend INSTANTLY (tho u are THOUSAND miles apart) without having to wait for it to upload unlike any other instant messengers (ym, msn,...) so its like, if u are having a fashion emergency anywhere and need a girlish opinion, just snap and send! u can even be part of gossip girl community if u are in the upper east side. SPOTTED! hahaha!

but dont worry, to those who are not using a BB, we dont do discrimination! as for me, i got my ym and msn activated as well, so we can pretty keep in touch with each other every now and then! heheh! ok enough for now, i need to go shopping ! wait for my "emergencies" bb bimbos :D ;D

Sunday, October 25, 2009

"u don't have to reveal every inch of your body to spell SEXY"

touch wood

i may not be an experienced driver like u (just because u are older), but i surely know what are the dos and don'ts on the road. i really dont get it why some drivers are too stupid to follow road rules! and these are the things that made me go "bodoh nyaaaa" when im driving!

1) sila ikut kiri jika tidak memotong. im fucking pissed if i have to step on my break paddle when im actually on the right MOST lane. you got it right. if you are driving slow dont stay on the right lane! saya tahu la "pandu cermat jiwa selamat" but u are just at the wrong place, move to your left Jose!!

2) i know when the night is so dark even the moon dont shine, we turn on our high beam light right! but for god sake if u saw another car coming in front of u TURN IT OFF laaa. silau tahu!! and its soooo annoying even after i beamed them twice as in the road language of "dude u are too shiny" they ignore me!

3) just smash your right and left signal if u dont need it! i hate emergency break!

just so u guys know it took me TWO times driving at 3 fucking midnight from Jb-Kl to gain my parents trust on my driving skill. and when i said 3 fucking midnight i mean LORRIES and TRAILERS everywhere, both parents and siblings soundly asleep, with god knows what can suddenly appear from the "jungle" along the highway! and the most horrible part of all, NYAWA mereka tanggungjawab saya. so i cannot do any mistake!

just to make everybody clear, IF laa one day i met with an accident *touch wood!!* which is not my fault but u, and because of that i lost my parents trust (which is SO hard to get), IM GOING TO HAUNT your life forever. (if its my fault than no one to blame but me)

it is sad u know reading all the news from the newspaper that people died on road accident because of others fault. i think its so unfair. but dont get me wrong, i know ajal maut di tangan tuhan.

p/s: kasihan kwn i kereta remuk sbb org belakang langgar!

Monday, October 19, 2009

hot spot!

have u guys went to wonder la? if ur answer is yes, then i suggest u to go to INNOVATIVE FILM CITY for your next weekend spot :)

it is located 80kms from Gokula, which is more or less an hour journey, transportation cost around Rs.1000 per car to and fro and it is such a great place for a day outing! the idea of the place is pretty much the same with wonder la, minus the THRILLING rides! but the exciting part about IFC is that, it has so much more to offer!

1) mirror maze (which i find it very COOL)
2) ripleys believe it or not museum.
3) wax museum (Louis Tussauds)
4) miniature city
5) go kart!!
7) paint ball
8) roller skating
9) beach
10) roller coaster ( not extreme tho)

and a lot more! compared to wonder la, at IFC its easier to buy food, since they got Mcd, pizza corner, and few other restaurants inside! isnt that VERY relieving?? haha!

so lets the pictures do the talking :) click here for more photos

if u are lucky enough, by the time u go there, maybe the snow park is ready to operate, the bungee jumping is not under maintenance, the 4D theater is on and all the horses are not sick! hope u'll enjoy all of these which i had MISSED!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

lower class people

looks can be pretty deceiving i tell u. harap muka je cantik, tapi mulut macam longkang. haaa bagi ayat makan dalam sikit. like seriously there are few people here whom i have observed, got nothing better to do then talk about other people. these people looks "expensive" from the outside u know, but when they talk, they talk about things that only lower class people will talk about. or lower minded, either which u prefer.

i talked about people too. we talked about people. but the different between us and these kind of people is, if we dont have anything to talk about, we shut our mouth. but them, even when theres NOTHING to talk they'll try their very best to find ANYTHING, even something which is not worth discussing in public. things like " how HILARIOUS it is when people with different style (like me, and "tudung labuh clan") hanging out together" and they even joked about it! contoh je la kan. maybe to this typical people, when u are "blonde" u just can be friend with blonde. thats PATHETIC.

and the best part is, i think they've been talking about me every single time of their meetings. what i wear, whom i hang out with, where i eat? they must be having a hard time getting me out of their conversation. bravo kiddo! (ERRR they are "old" people mind u) come on, im not a celebrity, HAHAHA! or maybe if i were to u, than thats pretty sad.

ok this post might sounded a bit emo-ish, but seriously i onced look up upon these people, not until yesterday. when i dont think i've done anything wrong to them but they talked about me. and the thing that they discussed is such a narrow-minded-and-low-class discussion. so here goes my respect to u honey(s), to my feet.

so my advice to u people, open your eyes, and see WISELY.


p/s: why u so obsessed with me ? :))

Thursday, October 15, 2009

culture shock

pernah dengar tak orang cakap Malaysian people ni terkenal dengan budi bahasa dan lemah lembut nya. rasa nak marah ah gak dengan statement tu. sebab ada je yang perangai macam haram nauzubillah kan. but the story that i heard (and going to share with u) from my cousin and friend about other people form other countries, somehow make me realized that the phrase "budi bahasa budaya kita" is somewhat TRUE.

do you know how rude an Egyptian lady (my cousin classmate) enter their classroom? ok kelas mereka ni guna kerusi2 panjang and meja panjang (macam canteen sekolah rendah tu) yang dicantumkan. and her seat is at the back row. guess how she get from the front line to her seat? she stepped on the table and langkah from one table to another sampai meja dia. mind u, she dont even cares she stepped on books! and u know la kan when we talk about perempuan2 arab ni, their usual attire is JUBAH LABUH DENGAN PURDAH. can u imagine??? i almost cant believe this myself, but its TRUE.

do you know how relax a class is conducted in United States? my friend told me that one of her classmates (american) cross his legs and put it up high on the seat in front him (in the GIGANTIC lecture hall) THROUGH OUT the lecture! like OMG how rude is that? and another friend of hers, raised up his hand at the end of the lecture and shout from the back "i dont understand a single thing u explained" dengan bersahaja. cool huh?

see? dont u agree we Malaysian sangat berbudi bahasa? kita nak langkah2 meja tu pun tak, apatah lagi PIJAK buku weihhhh. kalau terlangkah pun punya la sujud cium buku tu BANYAK kali! and silang kaki angkat TINGGI2? tidur dalam class tu paling rude kot kat sini. hahaha innocent nya kami :)) but the thing is, all those thing that they did, tidak di anggap BIADAP pun. thats what we called CULTURE right. and that is why they invent the word CULTURE SHOCK.

so the moral of the story is, no matter where we are, remember "budi bahasa budaya kita" :D

p/s: pergi negara orang pandai2 jaga diri k :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

will be back

ok i'm going back to INDIA this Sunday, so that means blog will be updated one week from now. KESIAN BLOG INI BERHABUK SUDAH :))

punya la lama tak update , i dah jadi mak budak dah sekarang. motif gambar, menguatkan bukti saya calon MENANTU terbaik :))

p/s: lets check on me like u always did! heeee :DD