Monday, June 29, 2009

short storiesssssss

ok i know how long it has been since i last updated my blog. trust me last week was one hectic week! and now, i got PLENTY of stories to tell! so let me do it in chronological order ok? i hope u guys dont yawn half way because when i said PLENTY, i mean it!!

1) im married!
ladies night was ages ago actually, but i still want to tell about it! many other activities were done that night, but the most happening part was fashion runway! and i was the bride representing my batch. congrats to our juniors, u guys really derserved the firts place! it was really an AWESOME runway u guys did! keep it up ladies! ;))

will u marry me? yes you!

2) what is wrong with me???

i got admitted last week because of viral exanthamatous fever. but Dr.manohar (that super senior surgeon that i adore so much if u guys remember) apparently did not satisfied with that diagnosis made by ramaiah's doctor. so he asked me to go for ultrasound and do FNAC (fine needle aspiration cytology) because all my lymph nodes are enlarged ( submental, cervical, axillary, femoral). i've got no issues with ultrasound because it wont cost me any pain right? but FNAC???? (non medical people please google yourself, im sorry it will be more than PLENTY if i start explaining here) so i did ultrasound few days back and everything was fine,its just that my lymph nodes were seriously enlarged, in fact till this very moment! and thank GOD the doctor who is responsible to do the FNAC wasnt available that day, so i escaped! and now i keep on pressing my enlraged lymph nodes hoping that it will disappear so that i dont have to go through that PAINFUL (i guess) FNAC!

few days before i was admitted. cheerful and healthy! (and cute ;p)
3) once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader ;)

we had our first official sports day of IMS (international medical school) the whole last week. i din participate in any of the games, but i think i contributed something to my batch by cheering my ass out for them!! HAHAH! thanks to those who turun padang to support our batch ;) it was awesome! all three batches supersenior, us, and superjunior were very sporting and eventhough we were enemies in field (which is so normal lah kan? nama pun match!) i think that shows how full of spirit we are! and that was nice! :) congrats to those who won, and lets try again next year to those who lose. all in all this year sports day was an awesone success. GOOD JOB EVERYONE :)))

i miss my cheerleading team!

me and piya ;)

the supporters :))

nothing taste better than VICTORY ;)

4) Rs.1800 per person!
OMG I LOVE BUSINESS! to tell u the truth, i was tired like hell preparing the menus for our stall during the closing ceremony of our sports day on sunday. but the outcome of it? TOTALLY SATISFYING! dengan bermodal kan Rs.500 seorang, kami dapat Rs.1800 in return! and now im thinking of buying a new shoes this weekend! hahaha ;p we sell aiskrim malaysia, cupcakes, hotdogs, fries, dadih, float, and air tersejuk di jalahalli (pepsi and mirinda) ;)) terima kasih kepada semua pembeli yg sudi membeli dan juga yang DIPAKSA membeli. hahaha! i was shouting like one pasar malam makcik (seriously) but who cares kan. oh and now im on again for saree business and i will post all the orders this month, so to those who still havent made their order yet, HURRY UP!

only few left! woot woot :)
the cupcakes!

the cute-makcik-pasar-malam ;p

5) janet jackson is a hindu???

lets not talk about the shocking death of michael jackson here. im sure u guys got more information than me on that. i had this one long conversation with someone just now and of course MJ issue is one our main topics. we discussed (cehhh serious gila, HAHAH) about his religion. some said he already is a muslim but some still confused. and this someone told me that MJ and his brother are muslim, but janet jackson is a hindu. and i actually PERCAYA with the satement that janet jackson is a hindu! screwwwww u! haha! i got this picture in mind, that they are indians. where got!! what the hell was i thinking! ok enough. REST IN PEACE MJ.

p/s: i've warned u! *yawnnnnnnn*

Thursday, June 25, 2009

distract me. NOW!

gambar hiasan semata2.

harus kah saya terus menyimpan duit untuk ke eropah? atau guna kan sahaja duit itu dan pergi membeli-belah as if theres no tomorrow??

*serious iman tengah goyah ni!! HELP!!!*

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

im back!

i was admitted in the hospital for 3days. and i've been diagnosed of suffering from VIRAL EXANTHEMATOUS FEVER (dont ask me what disease is that, because this is my first time hearing it too! so GOOGLE it yourself) i dont think i'll do much writing this time, i just got back from the hospital, so just scroll down and enjoy the pictures.

rashes on my arm and elbow. this is just the beginning of it, i was too weak to even lift my bb when it started to get worst,

same symptom.

in the emergency room, before i was transferred to my ward, 310.


naturally-ill-face ( saya x buat2 ok!)

rashes all over my face, my nose, my ears, my eyes. OK ALL OVER.


one of the prescriptions. i got another 3. u dont want to see.

but im ok now, hail and healthy (i guess). trust me, dont gt sick. it was HORRIBLE.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

beware. especially if u own a blackberry! ;p

thats it! i've learned my lesson today! never leave your valuable things in unsecure place, because no one will be responsible for any lost! and i admit this is totally my fault. how can i leave my purse in an empty room, with anonymous cleaners and workers here and there while we were having our practicles in the lab? (im not picturing any of my friends in this situation, so lets just hope my picturing is right)

i withdraw some amount of money (not to be mentioned how much, but obviously if its just few hundreds i wont make such a big fuss here) during my lunch time with safiyah. thought of having a coffee from coffee day but i stop myself because i dont want to spend my money unnecessarily. so instead, i just had a glass of juice which cost me only rs13. next we went to recharge our phone, thought of buying a calling card rs561, but i stop myself again because i dont really need it for now.

if i knew that my money is going to be steel, i would have spent the most of it just now! i would have ordered one iced eskimo added with whipped cream, ice cream and chocolate sauce! i would have recharge with rs333, and buy that rs561 calling card! or i would have went to MG road to grab a pair of shoes!! pffffft. if only i knew. *sighhhhh* but its ok, its ok. may be god wanted to give more than this. lets just hope!

cant u see how innocent this girl is? cant u see how poor she is? she dont have money ok?? she wants to go to europe!!!! screwwwwwwwww u!

and the best part is, she/he left few rupees for me. may be for my auto fare to go back home! THANK u so much. now, i declare myself broke! so dont ask why if i suddenly ask you to pay back my 5rupees that u owe me! hahahah! blame that she/he!

i hope fellow friends, u learn a lesson too from my incidence. i feel like crying actually, but its ok its ok!! NEVER LEAVE YOUR VALUABLE THINGS (espceially if u own a blackberry, hahaha!) INSIDE THAT PREPARATION ROOM! and do not call me skema if u see me bring all my stuffs inside the lab because everythings mine is VALUABLE ;)) and we will never realized how valuable something is until its gone right? i experienced this first hand baybehhh. u better listen to me!

p/s: abang, may be this time u can call ayah pulak to read along with u! IM SERIOUS! hahaha ;p

Sunday, June 14, 2009

dont burp!

one of the reason why i hate to be away from home (malaysia) is this! not just durian, in fact all our local fruits are EXPENSIVE here. and thats annoying! if one kilo of mangosteen can cost u around rs200 (Rm17), im not dare to ask how much do i have to pay for sebiji durian (which OBVIOUSLY will be more than 1kg)

and even if its not about money, i seriously dont know how to choose a good durian. my dad on the other hand is a pro! never in my life tasted a bad durian, because ayah will bring home nothing but the best! seriously. even my uncles and aunties asked him for the tips several times! *sighhhh* ok now i miss him ;(

oh god another MAIN reason! i do not know how to open the durian! huhhhhh! which again, i need my dad or my brothers to do that for me. not because i am gedik but i CANT! i've tried ok?? if u are a girl and u can open the durian yourself, i SALUTE u madame moiselle :))

and the best part is, it will be more fun if every members of the family gather around and laugh and talk and tease each other while enjoying our own durian festival at home. *sigh again* so in conclusion, i need a lil extra money, i need dad to choose nice durian, i need abang or ajib to open the durian for me, and i need mom, tey, eja and aisyah to enjoy it with me! thats totally equal to MALAYSIA! pffffffftt!

so! enjoy yourself stuffing your tummy with that super yummy durian while u still can, lucky people!! *amal u wait for your turn!!) and remember me sometimes ok! :))

p/s: if you are a malay, and u said u dont eat durian because of the smell, GO KILL YOURSELF now!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

calon menantu ;)

(i swear the motif of writing this is just to show me sewing. AT FIRST)

could u please call your mom and make her read this? like just for once?? im sure what shes searching for all this while will end tonight! seriously. ( mood: self-boosting time ;D )
kehadapan bakal ibu mertua ku ;))

1) assalamualaikum auntie *senyum malu2* kalau auntie rasa nak cari menantu yang sopan santun ala2 fasha sandha dalam cerita natasha tu (ok wth), rupa paras yg sedap mata memandang (ehemm3) , pekerjaan ok-ok lah seperti doktor (insyallah), saya jamin! auntie dah jumpa orang nya! ;))

no no auntie, ni bukan fasha sndha. ni lah calon menantu tu. (belah kiri tau ;D)

2) auntie jangan risau, kalau auntie datang rumah kami nanti xde lah saya jadi menantu yg order dominos pizza je, atau pun bawak keluar makan xsudah2 (ingat seronok ah??) . bukan sahaja pandai masak masakan2 kampung seperti ayam lemak cili api, sambal belacan, asam pedas, ayam masak merah (tey kau diam!!) dan sebagainya, saya juga handal menyediakan makanan ringan seperti karipap, pudding, dan cekodok pisang (perlu ke???)

3) cucu2 auntie nanti ada lah sangat bertuah, dan tidur2 malam auntie (dan uncle) x kan terganggu bila kami sekeluarga datang melawat di hujung2 minggu. kerana suara saya yang ala2 leona lewis ni akan membuat cucu2 auntie (anak2 saya yang comel seperti ibu nya tu) tidur sekelip mata dengan dodoian merdu saya ini. paling lama pun 5minit! saya janji!

4) well what more can i say auntie, memang pilihan yang tepat! kerana apa? kerana saya juga pandai menjahit!! (memang package lengkap kan auntie ;D)

ohhh cute kan saya bila menjahit auntie? i know :)

5) oh oh oh!! lupa nak bgtau auntie! saya sgt pengemas, basuh baju, iron baju semua saya boleh buat. so anak auntie di jamin akan dijaga dengan rapi. awwwwww ;))

6) tapi auntie kena isi borang dulu, jangan bergaduh pulak dgn auntie2 lain kalau jumpa kat pasar sebab saya pilih dia sebagai bakal ibu mertua ok? (bahahah!)

p/s: siapa suruh kau baca. aku suruh mak kau yg baca.
pp/s: hanya untuk auntie2 yang anak nya kacak seperti ezra miller sahaja. cuba lagi.

note-to-myself: cukup2 lah obsess ngan FASHA SANDHA! bahahahah ;ppp

Friday, June 12, 2009

im in love :)

if u are wondering whos this guy because his cute face is sort of being covered with his cute hair and u people busy admiring how cute he swayed his body, with that cute bear-printed tshirt he wore until u lose your main focus to guess who he is, then let me just tell u. this is ezra miller, my new love *ok wtf* his character in royal pains is wayyyy too charming weihhhh. serious! ohh and for the record, royal pains is another tv series u dont wanna miss! (why are u still reading??? go download that now!!) come on, dont u feel tired to be the one left behind, and started to talk all over it when everybodys settling down already?

p/s: DO NOT google ezra miller! google cannot be trusted nowadays!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

fasha sandha!

kamu semua nampak tak kaki ini seperti dimiliki oleh seorang atlet?? hishh..apa lah raihan tanya soalan x relevan mcm ni kan? OBVIOUS sangat ni kaki atlet. durhhhh. dah, jom ikut dia buat marathon!

1) the uninvited
2) fired up
3) 9 september (gila ah raihan!! fasha sandha tu)
4) wanted
5) the omen
*macam xde class kan kau esok raihan????*

wahhh boleh ke nak marathon ni? dah penat main (tengok) bola tampar tadi, harus lah tertidur sebelum sempat tgk 9september (fasha sandha weihhhh kena gak tgk. HAHA). dah jangan banyak cakap! ayuh ;DD

bedazzle ;)

hye kawan2!!! saya baru je habis ujian mikrobiologi!! gila kental saya pergi jawab tanpa persediaan yang rapi kali ni! (selama ni pun x rapi sebenarnya, HAHAH ;p) nanti kan entri2 yang lebih menarik ok ;))


*hanya untuk minggu ini*

p/s: saya rasa nak bedazzle kan bb saya lh! apa kata? hahaha ;p

Sunday, June 7, 2009

million dollar baby ;D

ok im sorry i abundant u. here i am back again ;) i know i told u i need a week or two for blog-holidays, but i miss to blog more than u miss to read my writings *bahahaha!* three days break is enough i guess ;) so! lets talk about something FUN today! money ;DD

do you know how much it cost to become a doctor? money speaking, mara spent half a million per student for MBBS here in bangalore *i dnt knw about other countries* so technically i can call myself 'a million dollar baby'. hahaha ;p but lets see on the other side, what this course has turned me into!

1) a cute monster when stress not undercontrol! *tey im cuter than u ;p* hahaha. no no, go to the next one please!
2) i lost my NORMAL vision. i know i shouldnt blame MBBS alone, but for sure its one of the factors right?? *if u think i wear glass just to look like u?? DREAM ON honeyyy*
3) i've started to miss all family events! weddings, whats next whats next. *blurghhhhh*
4) i NEVER had long holidays like u guys do! the longest is two weeks n a half!
5)all the endless tests,seminars,tutorials,exams. i know u people facing the same things, but trust me, u cant beat us.
6) lets see in coming years this list will be endless too. *oh godddddddd im scared*

im not here to nag about so many things. i just feel that later on, we deserve what we deserved ;) i heard one of my mom's friend told her that we are going to be paid RM6,000 as a medical officer (MO) after we finished our housemanship!*i can start imaganing myself in my bmw now,hahah!* then bukak clinic sendiri, how about RM15,000 for a start? plus husband's income, oh money money money ;) *i am materialistic, havnt u heard? bahaha!*

but no matter how fancy it me sound, money really cant buy all the times that we missed in life right? and its not as easy as ABC to achieved that. so! let us all try our best to become one successful person in our own field no matter how hard it takes :)

p/s: if money can motivate u, i dont see anything wrong with that.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

serious damage!

its 3.10am and im still wide awake, unusual. i've settled down since 1230, with lights off and blanket on. but i couldnt sleep. now here i am, gt up from my bed, turn on my laptop again, blogging. something is really bugging me, thats for sure.

status: faith-breakdown.
mood: speechless
scale of 1-10: possibly 10.

i may not update my blog in a week or two. sort of need a long vacation. we'll see how. *so stop checking on me stalker*

p/s: how can u be so ignorant? i wonder.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


im letting go my MNG barcelona to preloved collections *bt i know everybody owns one right* so i decided to just sell it to any bundle shop later on. im actually sorting out my preloved stuffs *not to say unwanted* from time to time and will get it fly back to malaysia soon enough ;) *thanx to fedex..not MAS* ayah im hinting you!!!! hahahah ;p

another story of mango! im actually craving for kerabu mangga, but since the fish sauce available in the nearest store is only the BIGGEST one *i just need few drops* i think i'll make it some other times, or may be i should just wait until someone make it for me *hinting hinting ;p* hahaha! so dengan mangga muda tu, berbekal kan garam dan gula yang mmg dh ada di rumah, saya buat jeruk mangga ;) sedap ohhhhhh~ masam2 manis, sejuk nak mampus! nyammm2 ;) dan MNG india ni pun dah let go satu balang to safiah ;)

p/s: react as people your AGE should react. stop being immature.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

kerana aku, kau, kita, MANUSIA.

tak perlu terpekik2 mengaku benci. aku benci orang talam dua muka. aku benci orang kutuk belakang. aku benci orang sibuk hal orang. kerana aku, kau, kita sama2 pernah melakukannya. jangan cuba yakin kan aku yang kau lain, kerana aku menyaksikannya dengan mata kepala aku sendiri. kerana aku menyaksikan betapa talam dua muka nya kau, betapa kau kutuk dia di belakangnya, betapa kau paling juara ambil tau hal orang. mungkin kau juga pernah melihat aku melakukan perkara yang sama. kerana aku, kau, kita, MANUSIA.

kadang2 aku pelik. kadang2 aku terfikir. kenapa? kenapa orang yang baik2, yang wajar terpekik2 mengaku benci tidak pernah pula memekik? tetapi mereka yang sedar, yang tahu mereka salah seorang dari MANUSIA yang tidak pernah terlepas dari melakukan perkara itu yang menjerit beriya2. tapi kini aku tahu jawapannya. mereka benci akan diri mereka sendiri. kerana mereka juga melakukannya.dan itulah yang membezakan antara kita dan orang baik2.aku yakin dengan itu.

jangan risau, aku letak diri aku juga dalam situasi ini. kerana aku sedar, aku juga MANUSIA. sekarang barulah terbuka luas pemahaman aku tentang MANUSIA2 lain di sekeliling aku. sekarang barulah aku tahu siapa kamu. dan aku tujukan ini untuk aku, kau, kita, MANUSIA.

p/s: mood ayat2 novel sebelum memulakan pembacaan stephenie meyer ;p

new moon

i am never a big fan of vampires before, until i made myself watched the twilight movie. when amal first bought the book long time back, and told me that its basically about vampires i went like "omg what so boringgggg" and kind of ignore her. hahaha! may be because theres a twist of romance and that super-charming-edward in the movie, change my perspection towards vampires now ;))) i borrowed her twilight and new moon, bring it back to india, UNTOUCHED *ok few pages je baca* thank god im not over-kemaruk-edward that time *i was thinking of bringing all 4 here* or else i would have wasted few kgs just for the books! anyway, its an official thriller of new moon, the link i gave u. go check out yourself :)

p/s: i'll find some times to spend with u edward. i will. *harap2 x addicted mcm nadia ;p*

Monday, June 1, 2009

as always :)

ok everybody, lets welcome JUNE with a great VICTORY!!! sekolah seri puteri CYBERJAYA is the champion *for a ZILLIONTH times ;))* in hksbp (hari kecemerlangan sekolah2 berasrama penuh) for basketball competition. wooooohooo~ menang di gelanggang sendiri pasti lebih memuaskan hati bukan?? hahaha! congratssss people!! and im so jealous that u guys actually watched it live, cheering for our juniors,and do some mini gathering lagi, ahhh malas ckp!!

some of the greatest players during my years in ssp ;)) *sila bangga semua org*

its been ages since i left school. but one thing for sure, my spirit for ssp will stay as strong as it is for eternity *ewahhhhh* hahaha! well its true. i know all sspians feel the same way too :)) once sspian forever sspian weihh!! call me semangat lebih or whtever, i dont mind becuase i am :)

congratulation once again to all ssp basketballers, present and past, for the great achievements and the good name u guys brought up for our school :)) ok i miss everybody now! bye ;(

p/s: did we won for debate too?? gila cooooooooooooooool ;DD