Sunday, May 31, 2009

shiok ;D

if anyone asked me to recommend any nice restaurant around bangalore, shiok will definitely be one of my answers! the food was deliDAMNlicious *i swear*, the ambience is nice *their lounge upstairs is even better* the service is good, the manager is very friendly and its good to actually feel like we are in malaysia when they made an effort to put their menu in bahasa *even in smaller font but at least??* how about otak-otak singapore? or satay malaysia? or ikan panggang? or ayam lemak berlada? or some crabs?? tempting enough right? I KNOW!!

our table ordered mainly seafood-based dishes. come on, chicken is everywhere isnt it? their taste? PERFECT. and that white cake? they made specially for us *FREE* since we celebrated few birthdays that night. so sweeet i know. anyway about the price, who cares how much it cost when its really satisfying? well i dont ;))

and this one, for you people who constantly loving and hating *of course u r still reading, u hv this admiring syndrome towards me i know!* me! BAHAHAH ;pp *look how happy i am??*

p/s: u better give SHIOK a try!! or u'll die regretting!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

upper east side :)

yes!! finally i got to bring my baby home :)) say hye to my new blackberry curve 8900 people! woot woot :) *seems like raihan is no longer a technology-virgin huh?* BAHAHAH ;p i've been considering iphone too, but after studying the pros and cons, and asking few users between this two, i think i made a wise decision :)) the only disappointing part about my bb is it doesnt support 3G *who needs 3G here in india anyway?? as if u can use it* so i would say it wasnt at all DISAPPOINTING for me ;))

see? who said i wasnt serious about my bb? and dont worry im serious about my europe trip too :)) i have my own game plan, so u people dont have to worry/think too much for me :) go with my flow, and just enjoy the show ok? ohhh i still cant believe im a blackberry now. its BLACKBERRY people!! hahahah! *forgive my jakun-ness*

cant wait to blog from my bb sometimes, cant wait to take that seminar topics or pathology charts and slides with my bb *i'll join u people from today onwards, HAHA*, cant wait to reply emails and comments for saree business from my bb. ok enough said. I AM EXCITED.

lesson for today: tak rugi berjimat cermat *omg look whos talking!!* kalau saya boleh anda juga PASTI boleh :))

p/s: oh my...why do i feel like im one of the upper east society? is it because of my bb? or its just me? BAHAHAHAH ;ppp

*kan dah banyak kali pesan, kalau tak suka jangan baca. PADAN MUKA!!*

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


joe made an announcment this afternoon that our grand dinner is going to be held around 20th june and there will be few other activities in between like sports day bla bla bla..and suprisingly i din feel excited as im supposed to! hahahaha. may be because i feel that its time for my junior to be a lil more excited than others since this is going to be their first time. well i dnt knw.

just becasue of this not-so-excited mood that doesnt mean im not AT ALL excited ok. i already browsed few websites eyeing for dresses to have an idea what to wear that night! *ni smngt lebih ada lah kan????* hahaha ;p if i can find a ready-made dress that suits my imagination, then well and good. but if not its time to go for dress-material-hunting and get myself measured for custom made dress ;)))

i like this one. simple and nice :) but of course the one i want will not be uploaded here. wait for that night ok! *oh chirpy birds...please help ur cinderella! :))*

but honestly im more excited about the sports day part. last year event was fun :) hopefully this year will be better! ohhhh and im not sure yet whethr i'll be going to the dinner or not! seriosuly. hahaha. this is just my day dream ;ppp

p/s: nadia atau hadi sila ajar mcm mana nk buat kerabu mangga!! saya terliur ok tgk korang buat!!! *salivating*

Monday, May 25, 2009


waiting for an email to be replied never been this tempting. erghhh. enough raihan! u got microbiology VIVA *seriously??* tomorrow!! yahoo will notify u when there is one! so stop refreshing your inbox and start focusing on that bacteria!!!
*click refresh button for the 10th times* OK I'LL STOP NOW!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

cookie jar ;)

due to a good sleep and dream that i had last night, i woke up with a cheerful mood, that somehow tingles me to go out today :)) texted some freinds to join along but apparently everybodys busy with homeworks n all EXCEPT me ;p *piya, get well soon*. so i went to M.G road alone with no specific reason or plan. i just wanna have some walk. at least thats wht i thot.

but ended up.....

dont worry its not that expensive *please trust me*. and thank god i can control myself at last. not to buy all the five colours they have *it took me half and hour to decide* :))

i wanted to buy just 250gm of double choc chip, but that sales girl suddenly utter that MAGIC word to me. PROMOTION. how can i say no to that?? instead of 250gm, i end up bought 600gm of cookie man with another 300gm cookies FREE packed in that cute box!! *cant keep my hands my hands my ha uh my hands....out the COOKIE JAR ;pp*

p/s: yesss u! u can start blaming yourself for my mood TODAY! hahaha ;)

oh godddddddd i do have homeworks too!!

i had my one wish granted tonight :))
*boleh lah tidur sambil senyum sorang2 hari ni. ohhhh indahnya*

lagu tidur saya untuk malam ni berjudul 'girlfriend-Nsync' :DD


Saturday, May 23, 2009

getting stronger.

pagi tadi saya pergi hospital, bkn sbb sakit atau pun posting clinical...tapi ALLAH bg petunjuk untuk saya jadi rajin dan berusaha *ecececeh, hebat kan?? ;))* siap kan pharmaco assignment *due date 1st july, tapi saya kan bdk baik. ok sila muntah skrng, HAHA* bersama beberapa orang rakan. perghhhhhh! sumpah dh jadi mcm pekerja kilang cari file2 pesakit yg BERJUTA2 LEMON tu!!! nak kena selak satu2 file, cari disease2 yg berkenaan sahaja, lps tu susun balik ikut hospital number dia org. kalau sikit setakat 7-8ratus file je boleh tahan lagi ok?? ni tahap BERJUTA2 LEMON! *we shud record a video and give it to Dr.ramesh! he must be crying weihhh to watch how much EFFORT we put on his subject!*

p/s: ok hari ini sangat bosan. nak keluar tapi malas dan xde mood. jom lah kita main masak2 nak?? ala jom je laaaaaa!! ok awak pergi petik bunga, kita try pinjam tupperware mak kita ok? *dh raihan baik kau stop menaip. SEKARANG!!!!*

Friday, May 22, 2009

why cnt they be like u.

raihan: hish kan dh ckp suruh send b4 7pm mlysia! ni nk keluar mkn lh pulak!

athirah: alahai, yg kau nk cepat2 sgt pun nk buat apa...bkn...

raihan: *terus letak telephone, kalau lh guna phone yg berganggang rasa mcm nak hempas sepenuh hati*

(beberapa minit kemudian)

mesej dari athirah: dah2. aku tau kau tgh nangis. mcm lah aku x kenal kau. nanti balik dari keluar mkn aku send lah...sabar ok.

raihan: *terharu tapi MALAS nk reply sbb tgh MARAH*

p/s: kalau lah semua org mcm athirah, yang tahu bila saya menangis tanpa perlu diberitahu..dan faham bila saya marah ;(

ohhh athirah! mari kemari lekasssssss!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

adolf hitler!!!

believe it or not, i went to the gym this evening!! should i retype that for u?? yeah i think so. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, I WENT TO THE GYM THIS EVENING!! when piya told me that today will be just an aerobic class for them *shes a member,im not even REGISTERED!!* i thot why not tagging along? like, come one raihan its JUST aerobic class?? so i went.

it was so much fun for the first 30minutes! u know, seeing myself in every corner of the mirror, doing something useful to my body, feeling the sweats that FINALLY secreted from my long-time-dysfunction sweat glands, move right and left, up and down with the funky music they played. it was really fun, i swear!

but not until they start doing their HARDCORE part!! mannnnnn im more than exhausted! i can really feel that all my muscles were strecthed, and im suffocating due to oxygen insufficiency!! HAHAH! and at the end of the class, the instructor told us that what we just did, is good for muscle toning and shape. and i went like OMG, i dont need that!!! i know we need to do some exercise, but i will definitely not choose this torturing method to be healthy!! *i think shes from hitler family! she cant even give us 2minutes rest!!*

and aching everywhere....*sighhhhhhhh* i shud hv just skip at home! that will be more useful. HAHAHA! but since this is my first time, i know its normal to feel the PAIN!! semua org pun sakit2 badan kan first time?? jangan nk tipu cakap tak! just say yes laaa, if not u'll make me feel like im a total loser! hahaha ;pp

well u guys do agree that i have to reward myself for today's great achievement right?? hahah! so we treat ourself a nice dinner at beijing bites after that, and trust me, u dont want to know wht we had ;)))

p/s: next time u heard raihans going to the gym, thats equal to GOOOOD FOOD awaits. always that way! keep that in mind ;D

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

incredible india!

ok ladies and gents, i finally set up a new blog specially for my 'i-need-money-for-europe' fund!! obviously i need you people to spread this good news to everybody so that my europe trip will not be just an imagination! tell your parents, especially ur mom, your girlfriends, your sisters, cousins and anybody you can reach to visit my other blog for saree-hunting and other stuffs too!!!

i know you guys are good people who'll help your friend here! hari ini hari saya, mungkin esok korang pula :)) heeee!! make this shopping blog contagious ok?? i love you guyss!! mmuaaah2!

p/s: i knw chuck and blair will eventually get togthr! n chuck u r as romantic as always!! i love u long time man!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


1] i dont wanna go to OBG posting tomorrow, because Dr.saritha is so anoyying and heartless. *she made us stand and read for like an hour and leave us there without saying anything! HELLO?? clinics is not theory class!* Dr.ambuja come back fast!!

2] i was thinking of setting up a new blog for my on9 shopping. *as usual, siapa yg x suka boleh blaaa*

3] my tommy jeans doesnt fit me perfectly now n it look sooo ugly with that extra spaces between my thigh. i need to gain weight!! *or its time to let it go to preloved?*

4] i hate girls who act as a PMS bitch for like EVERYDAY *even at times when they dont really menstruate* so irritating!

5] i wanna buy iphone *or blackberry* next week, but europe stops me! daym u europe! ohh but dont blame when theres suddenly "an apple/blackberry a day keeps the doctor away" post next week itself ok! heeeeeeee ;pppp *im a human too, what do u expect??*

thats all for today. sorry for this crap! :))

Sunday, May 17, 2009


jangan risau saya bukan nak mencarut :)) kalau semua orang nak tahu, tadi petang, saya, safiyah dan ira pergi mencari sari. faham2 saja lh, kami sekarang bergelar peniaga. HAHAHA ;p buat pertama kali nya sepanjang dua tahun duduk di india, saya mendengar nama tempat yang tidak berapa nak INDIA. chikpet! ya saya ulang, chikpet. ok sekali lagi. CHIKPET!!!! hahahah :DD korang x rasa ke nama chikpet tu macam geli dan kelakar?? sewaktu ber-yahoo messenger dengan ira, bila perkataan chikpet tu appear kt screen ingat kan ira sedang mencarut. haha! betul ni tak tipu! rupa2 nya tidak! chikpet ohhhh chikpet. *ok dah2 lah raihan!!!*

so kami keluar rumah dalam 2.30 dengan harapan tak payah lah nak berpanas2 di chikpet nanti. ternyata nasib tidak menyebelahi kami. sampai2 chikpet je, hujan!! *nak sangat elak panas ya...NAH!!! amek kau! hahaha* mula2 tahap kelebatan hujan masih boleh diterima akal, tapi around 5pm mcm tu hujan lebat tahap banjir ok??? oh GODDDDDDDDD. rasa nak muntah pula mengingatkan peristiwa tadi.

kami ni gadis2 ayu yang pembersih ok, jadi kami TAK hingin nak jalan redah air yang paras2 buku lali tu macam kamu2 semua org INDIA!! dan yang paling tak masuk akal, boleh ke salah seorang perempuan india bertanya kepada kami semasa kami sedang mengikat plastik di kedua2 belah kaki dan menutup kepala dengan plastik juga *ni idea safiyah* untuk merentas BANJIR dan HUJAN untuk mendapatkan auto
  • perempuan india: sister, what are you doing??
  • kami: *dalam hati, apahal pulak nak sister2!!* no we wanna walk to find auto
  • perempuan india: so??
  • kami: *tahap malas layan dah ni*
  • perempuan india: what sister?? just walk naa. nothing will happen. no use u put plastic.
  • IRA: *ni mmg dh bengang and serious malas nak layan* WE WANNA PROTECT OUR SHOES!!

wahai perempuan india, kau tahu tak kami geli nak tenggelamkan kaki kami kat air banjir korang yang ohh-only-god-knows-contain-what tu!! kalau colour air yang jernih tu kami mungkin boleh terima. ni kalau dah tahap color kelabu2 tahi anjing, yang bau longkang gila, *eeeewwww sumpah geli!!!!* eh sorry siket, kami tidak pengotor. *emo pulak, hahaha* dan kami bla tinggal kan perempuan india tu, lari2 comel merentas hujan dan BANJIR. dan semua org yang berteduh di tepi2 kedai gelak sambil bertepuk tangan seolah2 sedang melihat clown membuat aksi! ahhh lantak korang lah indian people...

rasa mcam nak cerita banyak lagi, tapi lain kali lah ya. saya letih hari ini. ohh memang murah2 dan banyak pilihan sari di chikpet. tapi mesti pandai cari dan tawar menawar. pengajaran buat hari ni: lain kali pakai boot pua chu kang kalau hendak kemana2. pasti banjir tak menjadi masalah lagi. sekian, CHIKPET!!! :))

p/s: kalau lah bergambar dengan plastik di kepala dan kaki tadi, letak di blog ni, pasti lebih menarik!

Friday, May 15, 2009

scrapbook :)

  • my parents called, telling me that one of my primary school teacher came to our house yesterday. shes been nominated as one of these UMNO thingy and she wanted to have few details and pictures of all her students who are currently studying overseas, and i happnd to be one of them. so my parents asked me to send my pictures *of course the one related to medicine, HAHA* thru e-mail and so i dig up my laptop searching for that-kind-of-pictures and im not surprise at all theres only FEW of it. pffffffffttt~

  • since i realised if i dont start collecting pictures and anything related to my life here, as a medical student now, im going to lose this once in a life time experienced as soon as i graduate. i know we have technologies, but anything can happen ryte. hard drive rosak, laptop kena virus bla bla bla. so i come up with an idea to make a back up old-fashion way :)) which is....SCRAPBOOK-ing!!!

  • to those who knw me well can easily tell that i LOVE doing this kind of thing! :DD decorating, paper cutting, coloring, glueing and all sort of time-consuming stuff. HAHAHA! i had few scrapbooks when i was young, but those days i still dont hv my own money *well if u dnt knw scrapbooking is money-consuming too!!* and the purpose of doing it was just for self-satisfaction back then. but now, i dont hv to ask daddy for money anymore *ok sometimes i do, HAHAH* and its for my own collection which i cn show to my daughter and son oneday :)))

ohhh isnt this cute?? cant wait to start!! will show u mine after this :)) and please my dear friends, if u saw any free pamphlets which are very COLORFUL and FUNKY and CUTE at any stores, GRAB them for me! i need FREE materials for my scrapbook, so it wont be too costly :ppp THANX :)))

Thursday, May 14, 2009

the show.

ohhhh i just love the 24th episode of gossip girl. have u watched?? well if u havnt, u better do that now! since the show is ending soon, i would say im ALL satisfied :)) chuck bass has been tremendously sweeeeeett these past few episodes and i love his character since forever. *ecececeh!!* HAHAHA. and if one day i have to break up with someone, i wanted it to be blair-nate way. so calm ohhh i adore. no fighting baybeh! *sighhhhh* im gonna miss the show..hahah. *dah raihan, kau jgn nk kemaruk lebih! :p*

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

i need MONEY for europe!!

i know december is like 7months awayyy. but we are talking about europe here people! not langkawi or pulau redang ok. u cant just simply say i wanna go paris without money right? i mean A LOT of money. i've been thinking A LOT about my trip, i cant even concentrate 100% in class lately! HAHAH! :DD

well everybody knows now *ye saya lh yg hebahkan* that im saving my ass out for my december holiday. and if i consistently do that there shudnt be any problem in the matter of expenses. its just that we dont know what will happen kan? kot2 lah tiba2 laptop rosak, atau pun terbeli iPhone ke, dah lari budget. hehe! betul tak?? so! lebih baik ada duit lebih, daripada cukup2 makan!

what i have in mind now untuk extra pocket money kt europe nanti:
1) buat preloved sale *jgn risau, org yg x suka boleh blaaa. thank u*
2) jual kain saree *oh kena bersaing dgn ira ni, HAHA* atau shawl pashminar tu, punjabi suit ke apa.
3) accessories from india.
*their bangles are pretty cool*
4) anything that i find nice to sell *u guys trust my taste kan kan kan?? :pp*

but the only problem is im in india, and the cost for posting and all mesti mahal kn? so i was thinking for now, let me do my collection first *u guys do ur saving to buy my stuffs, HAHA*..and when im back in malaysia for raya *or maybe before raya, mana tau ayah nk belanja ticket tiba2 bulan june ke? :p* i'll do my business!! haaa...korang nk beli tak? tak baik dohh tak tolong kawan. bahahahha ;ppp

ohh plan B! kalau tak ada org nak beli, i always have ibu!! :)) oh god..kawan2 dia, anak kawan2 dia, aunties, cousinss, kawan cousins, adik beradik, kawan adik beradik. ok i think this going to work!! :DDD

p/s: chuck bass is the sweetest guy on earth!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


OK! semua orang selamat bosan dgn layout yang ini pula ya! nanti sebulan dua saya tukar lagi yg baru :)) ohhh cool nya classy mcm ni! HAHAHA!!

p/s: kepada abang dan adik yg disayangi TERIMA KASIH lh sebab gelak kn layout sementara saya tadi!

no no no!!

oh godddddd..looked wht i've done to my blog! trying to change few settings *budget dah pandai siket lah. HAHA!* and end up mess up everything!! daym it. i lost my leopard print layout..hmmmh nevermind! i'll find another cute one for you guys ok?? *saya pun dah bosan tgk cute-rawwwr tu* :)) but for now, bear with this!

f-a-m: i REALLY wanna watch cricket! yang live dekat stadium!! its such a waste lh kan duduk india tapi tak tgk cricket. hehehe. looking forward tho!! jom korang?? ohhh ticket mesti lah yg first class ok. kalau tak PASTI pengsan. and u prolly know why! :pp

Sunday, May 10, 2009

hong kong!

weather in bangalore has been unpredictable these days. shine and bright in the morning, hot *i mean HOT hot* and sunny in the afternoon, storms and thunders in the evening! and its pretty challenging to dress up trying to fit in with the weather!! so yesterday we went out. and as soon as its our dinner time the rains pouring down tahap tak ingat punya!! we really have to run and stop untuk berteduh. continue running and stop again to reach HONG KONG HUSTLE! *no its just a restaurant, im still in india dont worry. HAHAHA* dan kami basah kuyup lencun! but look at those if nothing happnd right! :)))
  • oh and about hong kong hustle *my first time anyway* , the style is similar with bbq nation. you pay and you eat as much as u can. but the menu is different of course *tengok nama kedai lah kan! HAHA* well its cheaper and YUMMY!! thumbs up :) go go give it a try people!! *or is it me whos left behind here??* bahaha :p

Saturday, May 9, 2009

full term normal delivery :))

*trumpet blowing!!* introducing the most wonderful woman in my life, Pn.Noorhayati, my ibu tersayang :)) *clear throat* since i knew, we knew, it will be toooooo long if i start writing about her, so lets just keep this one short and nice! ok? ;)

well ibu is one person that i cant live without *ayah too, but since this is mothers day special, u'll wait for your turn ok daddy? :p * her sacrifices for our family are far beyond human limitations *chehhhh exaggerate siket* HAHA! but yeah its true. i cant describe it in words about her. its just too wonderful i hardly can think of any suitable vocab.

shes a perfect housemaker, a super-professional cook, a hilarious joker *as my dad claims*, my gossip partner, my forever soulmate, a good wife *thank god ayah found her, and we got her! :)* a nice friend...a...*sighhh* shes just PERFECTLY PERFECT! and i wanna be just like you mom! *except your wayyyy too bulat tudung. dia x bagi usik ok? selalu tolong nk muncungkan sikit, dia ckp x payah dh lawa dh. HAHAHA. shes so cute!!*

im glad that we are cool about telling our feelings toward each other, u know some people feel uncomfortble or shy to show that they love and care about their family members. my parents never failed to say 'i love u' everytime they called, and eventho i've been hearing that like everyday, it just felt so good. oh and it was ayah who reminds me "tomorrow is mothers day, dont forget to wish your mom" see how sweet is that?? :))

to my mother, i love u so much. unconditionally and irrevocably :) u've been a wonderful woman thru out my life, and i thank god for giving me YOU. theres nothing in this world that could replace you, ever.and i promise that i'll take care of u when its my turn to do so, just like wht u did to me *i hope nothngs gonna change me, please allah i dont want that to happen* ibu, akak sayang ibu :))


p/s: jangan lupa wish ibu korang ok?? tak susah pun :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


and FINALLY our monthly allowance is in!! so its time to do actual *piggy bank in mind, dont worry* calculation!

house rental : Rs 5000
internet bill : Rs 1800
phone bill : Rs 2000
foods : Rs 4000
auto fares : Rs 600
electric bill : Rs 600
others : Rs 1500
PIGGY BANK : Rs 15000
*for my readers convenience, lets say Rs100=Rm 10 (sbnrnya lebih kurang Rm 7+/-)*

there you go! its ok, i've done the calculation for you guys. summation of all the above expenses equal to Rs 30,500. with monthly allowance approximately Rs 33,000, i still have Rs 2500 balance each month!! lets see where this 2K will go......

SHOPPING : Rs 2500??
OMG....seriously raihan?? 2500?? HAHAHA! bag per month is enough. one bag per month is enough. one bag per month is enough. *yeah finger crossed!!* or...i'll cut few rupees here and there if suddenly i meet with another irresistible-i-swear bag! heeeee :D
  • raihan! ingat!! london-australia-new zealand!! HAHAHA. anyway, calculus is wayyyyy simpler than this. so dnt get overwhelmed with my entry title :ppp
f-a-m: hari tu time OBG, tgk normal labour, dgn semangat berdiri sedekat boleh, tiba2...amek kau!! air ketuban *betul x ni?* atau amniotic fluid permpuan tu pecah BASAH lah kami2 yg dekat tu. yeah u cn make that sound now!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


ok times up RAIHAN!! wake up!! i know u've been hearing this like a zillionth times, but honestly i really wanna make this one time REAL. or at least TRY to make it REAL! erggghh. why is it so hard for me??

so heres the thing. im going to put aside rs15,000 every month starting from THIS month! yeah you heard me. remember i told you about my europe trip this december? well i dont think my savings will be enough for that *sighhhhhhh* but its OK! new zealand sounds great too right? or australia? or london alone?? hahah *dah jangan nk berangan lebih2!!!*

trust me, this is not EASY!! i can lose control anytime in between when i knew that i got thousand$$$ in my bank. and every penny can *poofff* disappear just like that in one second! but hopefully GOD will always be with me this time. ohh plisss...

so no more shopping *LIE* no more expensive food *LIE* no more outing every weekends *LIE* ok fine! MINIMIZE. thats the right word! u can laugh, or underestimate me or whtever now *because im not sure myself, HAHAH* but once i made this thru, jangan nk mengada2 mintak souvenir dari mana2! :ppp

dear piggy bank, please dont be like this before the right time ok?? PLEASE!!

kiss me thru the phone.

me: ayah...akak nak balik malaysia next week boleh tak??

oh-mi-god! sampai hati dia :(( mintak iphone baru tau! *ok langsung xde kene mengena, HAHA!*

Friday, May 1, 2009


once sspian forever sspian :))
[0105] owe-one-owe-five. yeah thats the way to pronounce it! not zero-one-zero-five or kosong-satu-kosong-lima. hahah! u know...just like how we pronounce [90210] nine-owe-two-one-owe! huh! but im not going to talk about that world's most famous zip code here :))
so technically today is our batch day!! :)) yeah! those days when we were in high school, we remarked ourselves according to the year we registered till the year we graduated. ok everybody knows how it works right! *no need to explain raihan!* hahaha. and its such a fortunate that 1st may is a holiday so we got the chance to do mini celebration back then in school every year!
i cant believe how fast time flies. 4 years now since we left school, but all the memories seem to be fresher than my memory for microbiolgy that i just read yesterday! *come on guys give them some space too!! HAHA* well i admit. i miss school. i miss the people, teachers. i miss the evironment. i miss basically EVERYTHING.

rindu time weeding every weekend *especially time kita lower form*

rindu prep petang yang tak habis2 berborak!

officially over. last day spm. *harus lah pakai sweater. sejuk menggigil hall ni!*

im so happy to see each and everyone of us doing great in our own field now. i know one day when we become one successful person, we can still rely on each other, and i seriously cant wait for that :) HAPPY BATCH DAY HERCULEAN 0105!

"As we go on we remember. All the times we had together. And as our lives change become whatever. We will still be Friends Forever"

So if we get the big jobs

And we make the big money

When we look back now

Will our jokes still be funny?

Will we still remember everything we learned in school?

Still be trying to break every single rule :))

p/s: buat gathering tu beragak lah siketttttt! HAHAH.

p/ss: jangan lupa panggil aku jadi doctor panel korang nanti :p

p/sss: kawin jangan lupa jemput ok?