Monday, November 30, 2009


Omg omg omg I’m so happy I gained 2kgs last night! ;D despite of this sudden attack of flu & fever ! I feel like jumping up & down from the weighing machine, seriously! hihi ;) call me gedik or whatever, as if I care ;p ! Just so u know it is EXTREMELY hard for me to gain weight just like how HARD it is for u to lose it! Blame my metabolism!

I called mom this evening, and she’s so worried to know that I’m down with fever. Even more worried when she heard my SENGAU voice! But the thing is, I am very sure I din tell her anything about it before. Then I asked from where she knew this? She simply replies “ibu pun reti guna internet” whoaaaa! Hahah! She’s so cute ;))

Apparently dad is excited about me coming back too! He has started planning for mom on what to cook n I heard he mentioned something like CRAB!? He said “kesian akak mesti dah lama tak makan ketam!” u r so right daddy ;D don’t u just love my parents? ;p

Ok here goes my countdown! MALAYSIA16 days to go!! I told u time flies fast! ;))

Wish me luck for my endless tests this week people! I got 2 pathology papers on subsequent Wednesday & Thursday. And to add up this torture, another microbiology test on that same Thursday! PERFECT right! So I better start studying now! May be I’ll be too busy to update my blog this week. Just a notification in advance!

have a joyful week everyone ! ;]

Sunday, November 29, 2009


yours truly is very sick right now. shes down with fever, headache, and flu *srooooot. hence, she'll be back writing to u when she feels better, hopefully SOON. shes so stubborn she dont want to take any medication because she thinks her immune system is strong enough that they can combat this ALONE. we'll see how long she'll survive.

but shes so sad, she missed all the open houses during this aidiladha celebration! she keeps on thinking about the RENDANG and what ever menu her friends made, and all the fun ;(( lets pray for her speedy recovery so that she wont be sad anymore and can attend one last house tonight!

she sends her regards to all of u, readers. may all of u be in the pink of health.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

marry me.

being as impatient as i am, i downloaded NEW MOON and watched it just now, alone. i just couldn't wait any longer for 4th December (please forgive this country) when all the people around the globe done talking about it already!

well i myself thot that the visual quality will be AWFUL since it is a new released movie, but hell no it was fine. not dare to say perfect, but yeah as long as i can see Edward in there, that's just more than enough! HAHAH ;p no no seriously gambar cantik, audio pun ok! siapa nak dtg la rumah ;)

obviously im not going to make a story telling here, i hate SPOILER as much as u do. just one thing to say, Edward is still my man tho both my brothers keep telling me Edward sucks, they rule for WEREWOLF. whatever u two! Jacob is handsome, agree. but come on...twilight is a VAMPIRE story! in the scale of 1-10 i give NEW MOON a 8.3!

ok i have to wake up early for aidhiladha celebration tomorrow! so got to go ;)) will be wearing my grey kurung! see ya!

p/s: Jacob's six packs...*DROOOOOOL ;p

Thursday, November 26, 2009

ish ish ish. . .

tahu la esok hari raya, tapi x payah la sampai i call semua org kat rumah semua pun tak nak angkat kan ;(( telefon ayah, x angkat. telefon abang, x angkat. telefon tirah, x angkat. telefon eja pun tak angkat! dh nk give up dh last2 telefon nombor rumah BARU DENGAR agak nya dia org ni!

fine la ayah pergi masjid untuk takbir, sejuk hati x jadi nk merajuk. abang n ajib, TENGOK NEW MOON dengan kawan2?? grrr grrr grrr! yang lain kat dapur tolong ibu, bagus2 ;)) semua org ada kat rumah jealous tahap nak menangis! dh la ibu masak banyak gila lauk nasi beriyani ketupat semua ada ;((( hu hu hu. . . .

rajin nya budak2 ni ;p

but its ok! tak de hal la, lg 20 hari i balik! and tak payah tunggu raya pun ibu boleh masak semua tu ;DD heee! kalau dapat makan mee bandung special ibu pun sedap jugak ni! nyum nyum cant wait ;) sorry ye kawan2 i asyik cakap pasal nak balik je, sebab tengah HOMESICK gila sekarang!

slrrrrrpppppp ;p
ok! happy BAKRID people ;)

p/s: nak pakai baju kelabu ke biru ke pink eh saturday ni?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

come home !

As if from today, Wednesday 25 November 2009, my countdown for “MALAYSIA __ days to go!” is one day lesser than yesterday, and now it’s only 21 more days to go! Wehoooooo ;)) I know time flies fast, especially with all the endless tests, seminars, and tutorials that keep me BUSY nowadays, 16th December is going to be SOONER than I thought!

I have decided that this time around, I’m not going to make it as a surprise anymore! So that mom will be home, not outside hanging around with her friends, or meeting here and there with the club whatever, and she can cook me DELICIOUS foods if she knew I’m coming back! And since school holidays started already, at least my siblings can get up early from bed (in my dream la kannnn), wait for me at the front door, give me a hug, ask for their souvenirs (yeahhh dh 10 kali balik, 10 kali la nak souvenir??) and continue to sleep. USELESS!

masak special ok ibu? ;))

After all surprises are meant to be exciting! If I make it too often, it’s not going to be exciting anymore! So yeah, right now I’m thinking of another surprise for dad’s coming birthday on the 24th December. Hmmm hmmm ;)) ok! Let’s count the days together with me people! N See u soon MALAYSIA (◑‿◐)

p/s; I love surprises, don’t u get it?? *hinting someone* ;p

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

just a lil bit !

I had an introduction class on psychopharmacology this evening and I must say this to u, I personally think that each and every one of us suffered from MENTAL illness at least to some extend! (So from now on, I’ll be calling us (I’m not excluding myself) as psychotic patient, HAHA)

But then of course this depends on which psychiatric disorder u fall into! Let me see what we got over here…oh PERSONALITY disorders! Interesting! I can’t stop smiling while copying my lecture notes just now because every time my Doctor classified and explained each categories I actually have certain people in mind! Heh ;p

  1. Unstable characteristic: today they treat u like a princess SUPER DUPER nice, and tomorrow like so sudden, they become a TOTAL jerk! OMG what the hell is wrong with u people? But wait a sec, why is this sound like someone VERY familiar to me? Hahah ;p
  2. OBSESSION: why u so obsessed with me when everybody knows, lalalala *continue singing* HAHA. Yeah u can laugh, because as funny as u think I’m being perasan, I felt FUNNIER to actually been talked about at the first place by these obsessed people.
  3. Mood depression: ok this sounds more like me (fair N Square now? Hihih) I ADMIT that I’m a person with a mood swing. I can be MAD at someone just because YM connection sucks at the time of having CRUCIAL conversations. Because I thot they haven’t replied me when they actually did, it’s just the CONNECTION PROBLEM. Omg I’m that annoying? HAHAH!
  4. Dependant: I need not say anything, very SELF EXPLAINATORY.
  5. Deviant eating: I swear I saw someone (u wont believe me If I tell who) eat a BLACKBOARD CHALK in front of my eyes! Of course she thot nobody saw what she’s doing. And its not just one time, I saw it again few days back. GULP.

Ok there are many MORE disorders that I din mentioned. But I got to stop now, and read pathology! All these tutorials and seminars are killing me softly I tell u! So don’t think u escaped from this MENTAL illness just because u are not any of these fives ok? Hahaha!

See u soon psychos ;))

Monday, November 23, 2009

right round right round.

As u people can see, I made few changes with my blog here and there as a comeback debut (heh ;p) I changed the background, I put those hyperactive-colorful-fishes for u guys to play with, n I even let you people read my twitter updates unnecessarily, HAHA! So tell me which part of my life is a secret now? Seems like u guys know everything already! ;p WOWWW.

But one of the changes that I find very interesting and USEFUL is the live traffic feed! Not only I got to see who’s reading my writings, it actually helped me with my GEOGRAPHY! Because every time I saw a weird location/flag on my feed (obviously INDIAN flags predominate, HAHA) I’ll Google to see which country that belongs to!

So now I know, Oslo is in Norway and Gdansk is in Poland! And the flag that looked similar with Indian flag is Dubai (I mean the color combination, hihi) see? Isn’t this USEFUL? For my general knowledge at least? Ok just don’t tell me I’m the only one who doesn’t know about Oslo n Gdansk! HAHA! But whatever, now I know ;)

I hope I’ll see a lot more weird locations on my feed, so that at the end of the day, I’m not just a boring blogger but a walking ATLAS! Hahah!

p/s; dont be shy to come again, friends n foes (if any ;p)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

if its not too late ;)

Don’t u just love it when it’s Sunday, and it’s a PRODUCTIVE-day? Well I do ;) I feel so much USEFUL to wake up as early as 930 (I mean SUPER early since its Sunday) and do all my chores. Changed my bed sheet, swept my room, mopped the floor, fold my clothes, do the laundry, clean the toilet, and when I’m done, I made myself a cup of hot chocolate and Skype with best friend! ;D just perfect!

self satisfaction ;)

Surprisingly instead of being tired, I’m actually enjoying myself doing all those things ;) I guess a *coughs* tidy person *coughs* like me, really wouldn’t mind! ;p HAHAH. But seriously this is my idea of a perfect Sunday! You know just stay home, relax ;)

So I better keep this productivity going on till the end of the day! My pharmacology text book is waiting for me already!

Have a wonderful Sunday people ;))

Saturday, November 21, 2009

typical n predictable.

i came across my friend's status on fb just now and i think it is an interesting issue & CONTROVERSIAL too ;)) i know we all love controversy, but face it, i'm seriously not "your" type of controversy yg tak habis2 mengutuk orang. talking about maturity, mentality and PROFESSIONALISM. lack lack lack.

Ok moving on! my friend was talking about the WTF (please dont read this as whatthefuck, HAHA) plate number since thats the latest plate number for cars registered in Kuala Lumpur, and shes so excited to buy a car now! haha! personally i think WTF is cool, but somehow it sounds very inappropriate? i dont know. and soon enough, WTH (again, dont read this as whatthehell) is coming up next! one after the other, GREAT!

Johor's plate number JEW, was once VERY controversial too because to some people it carries religious value. its just a plate number after all, but i myself wouldn't want to buy a car with a capital JEW. unless u are Jewish people, may be thats something u'll be proud of ;) dream plate number is R1 since like the day i know how to spell my name! very prestigious, classy n EXPENSIVE too, u don't have to tell me. i bet the price of my plate number is going to be triple the price of my car. HAHAH big dream R ;)) weihh nothing is impossible ok?

i think we all agree that plate number reflects the owner of the car to some extend. and please tell me, what on earth will TAH1 or BAB1 reflects u? (these plate numbers really exist) just look at this Honda. i find it very.....

mmm i dont know u tell me!

feel free to play with my COLORFUL fishes ;)) just click anywhere to feed them ! hihi i think this is so cute !

the ugly truth .

No matter how hard we try to convince our self, that time will heal a broken heart, sometimes along that journey of becoming one strong person again, we slipped. And all the BAD memories, always ready to haunt us back. Making the old scar bleeds again.

Of course it’s easier to be said than done, FORGIVE AND FORGET. Live with the future not the past. But certain things are really not easy to get rid off and its true, history keeps on messing with the present. We can’t blame our self to feel this way, well in fact nobody has the right to blame us too. We are just human with a heart. n MEMORY.

I just wish that I can start everything all over again. I just wish that this history wasn’t mine. Because I am very happy now. And I just knew I could be happier IF the history REALLY wasn’t mine.

enjoy your weekend !


7 times.

kadang2 sangat ANNOYED bila u suruh i sabar. i cakap i rindu u suruh sabar. i cakap i penat u suruh sabar. i cakap i want this to end now u suruh sabar. i cakap itu ini pun SEMUA kena sabar. weihhhh penat la asyik nak BERSABAR je ;((

tapi bila u cakap this magic word "good things come to those who wait" terus buat2 tak ANNOYED because i believe in that too...*sighhh

hye my name is Miss Sabar !

Friday, November 20, 2009

privacy intruder !

Bangalore is becoming more n more FUN (Errrr true)! Thanks to FB I don’t have to do much GOOGLE-ING since everybody’s uploading 112 photos (or more-part 1 2 3!) on their weekend activities! Not that I’m stalking, but the purpose of having FB is to TELL THE WHOLE WORLD what we are doing isn’t it? Same goes with TWITTER!

I saw someone uploading a photo of a place I’ve never been last week, n that caught my attention! Obviously by now ALL my college mates should’ve known MARATHAHALLI, the factory outlets unless u don’t have a FB account (seriously???) so I went INSTANTLY right after I knew, n with friends like mine, we just need one hour to get ready on UNPLANNED things like this ;))

Let’s see what outlets they got over there..

  1. . Puma
  2. Nike
  3. Levis
  4. United colors of Benetton
  5. Lacoste
  6. Esprit
  7. Calvin Klein
  8. Tommy Hilfiger
  9. And few brands u might not know of.

Of course it’s CHEAPER from their normal price, and 100% authentication assured! But the only thing is, this place is quite FAR and u can’t prolly go by auto!

There are few other INTERESTING places like the paintball arena, go-kart, futsal, and I saw one place like a fishing lake or something on my way to Marathahalli the other day! Its good u see having these people discovering new places and share with everybody, at least now we got SOMETHING else to do rather than MISSING HOME tak sudah sudah (no im not talking about myself)

p/s; doesn’t this sound interesting enough to u? COME VISIT ME HERE laaaa !!

that was CLOSE!

Today is a very tiring day. My clinical theory class starts as early as 8am (it might not be early to u, but it is to me!) and I got ophthalmology posting at 9-12pm. Followed by ENDLESS theory classes after that. 1230 Pediatrics, 130 Ear Nose n Throat (ENT), 230 Ophthalmology (AGAIN) 330 Dermatology and if we are lucky enough the Doctor will stop at 430. BUT MOST OF THE TIME, WE ARENT THAT LUCKY I TELL U.

And honestly I just made it halfway! Sleepy,hungry,lazy(not) I decided to go back and LUCKILY our (u don’t think I’m the only one being naughty right?!) savior, Tom the one with the CAR (ehem daddy are u reading this?) wanted to go back as well! But not so lucky us, Dr.Manohar (he’s like our clinical PRINCIPAL) happened to be at the car park too! SHIT it felt very high school u know hiding from being seen behind the canteen! HAHAHA!

Just so I thought he’s gone, he’s actually behind us on the road! OH MY EFFING GOD I was scareddddd! HAHAH! But fortunately Tom’s car is fully tinted so he can’t see us inside, FEWHHHH! This really reminds me of my SSP time, I used to “fly” a lot and being CAUGHT once! Kan Mimi? HAHAHA those were the days ;pp

excuse me, how much is this NANO again?

Note to self; its better to ponteng ALONE rather than in GROUP. Or never to bunk classes again? hihih!

im LOVING it !

I’ve been eating McDonalds like EVERYDAY now and I don’t need anybody to remind me how FATAL that is. I feel bad really every time I drag my feet to that restaurant but I just couldn’t help it. After all it’s the nearest, fastest n cheapest? Rs96 for a medium size of Mc chicken meal compared to Rs120 for a chicken fried rice and an orange juice. And for god sake it will take like FOREVER if I dine at the local restaurant here but at Mcd its just 10minutes. Ok enough REASONING Raihan!

One thing that you’ll be amazed with this particular branch of McDonalds is, you’ll see “white coats” all over u. these “white coats” who are going to scold u every time your blood pressure is not under control because of unhealthy food u take, the one who’ll be advising you to control your sugar level and take everything SUGAR-LESS. Sighhhhh isn’t that IRONIC? (Don’t worry I’m not alone, I saw my Doctor feeding her 6years old daughter with Mcd for lunch last week, heheh)

What I’m trying to say is that when it comes to this kind of things, it really is INDIVIDUAL/PERSONAL (it’s the same thing R). No matter how aware I am (for example) how dangerous Mcd is to me, I keep on buying (ALMOST EVERYDAY) my Mc chicken, my Fillet-o-fish or if I don’t have anything to buy I’ll take a cup of sundae with me. Its like u know how HARMFUL smoking is, but u keep on smoking, or its like u know how SINFUL it is not to cover your ‘aurat’ but u still not covering it. U got what I mean?

And for the MILLIONTH times I’m telling this again n again n again, I NEED a sport shoe like so bad!! Can anybody hear me?? LIKE SO BAD ok! Please believe me I’ll jog and run and burn all this Mcd I ate if I own a pair of sport shoe…PLEASE BELIEVE THIS…u see in the end the reason why im not healthy is not because of McDonalds, its ALL because of u, sport shoe.


here we go again :D

Hello princes and princesses! Its been quite awhile now since I last updated u people with what’s happening around here, but hey! Im back again ;)

I’ve been VERY BUSY with my studies n all so yeah that’s the reason why I decided to take a break and put my blog on hold because I don’t want u people to come and see no updates, just the same old post of FEW MONTHS BACK (if EVER anyone have done that HAHA) its very FRUSTRATING kan pergi blog “kegemaran” (of course not mine) tapi NOTHINGS NEW.

Ok lets see where to start now…hmm…hmm…maybe my latest picture will do. CHEERS ;))

p/s; im still busy but i miss blogging ;)