Wednesday, April 29, 2009

turning over a new leaf

im sorry to any readers whos been wondering about whts going on with my blog lately, but lets just keep that as one of my rough journey of this toughest life ok? and to anyone who hates me, im sorry i cant satisfy everyone needs, so dont expect too much.

to take things positively, at least one day, i know what to say to my daughter when shes going thru her hardest time. *cheehhhh, HAHA* thank u to my family, and friends who never failed to be there for me. i really appreciate that. and u know i'll be there for u too :)

ok enough missery!! im back for good! u'll see more cheerful updates after this but immediately leave when u dont feel like reading ok! the rule is pretty simple isnt it?? and i hope my readers will be more ethical when u leave comments. thank you!

p/s: be patient and don’t rush anything. Good things come to those who wait.

Monday, April 27, 2009

"silence n smile are two powerful is the way to solve many problems n silence is the way to avoid many problems."
f-a-m: i thank allah for this patient he gave me. but im not an angel i have my limits too.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

young and fresh!

it feels like its been ages since the last time i sat on that comfy-lecture-hall-seat, listening and copying notes from the lecturers, sleeping during any of those, do my homeworks, preparing for seminars...well i can say apart of me still hoping that holiday is for forever, but another part of me is all excited for the new semester to begin:) overdosage of sleeps, movies, shoppings, relaxing arn't good for the brain right? so lets start our 4th sem with full of enthusiasm! *omg look whos talking!* HAHAH :p

Saturday, April 25, 2009

seize the day :)

remember i told u about all our ruined plans? well being us, we never give up :) and of course this time everything is more appropriate with the reservation and all. with a car as well. and yeah we had our clinical in the mornig, did henna *or mehndi they calld it here* in the evening, just few hours before our great dinner begin. we really seized the day! njoy the pictures :))

i was amazed! they are so CREATIVE. free-hand ok?? and mereka semua LELAKI.

the JAKUN me :p

the result :))

bbq nation at LAST!

me with the birthday girl. awww...

safiya, serjit, moi.

all pretty :)

seriously girls?? im the TALLEST?? pfffft. HAHA :p

happy belated bitrhday serjit, AGAIN :))
the end!

ZOMG! did i just killed two birds with one stone?? very impressive raihan :) and totally time saving!

f-a-m: i write about general things i saw in everyday life, but sometimes it smacked any of us *including me* right to our face right? chillax its normal weihhh :)) reality hurts i know. and im sorry if i hurt u. remind me about things i forgot, because i'll do the same to u.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


im in SERIOUS need of help of a computer geek *or anyone who has higher technology-knowledge than ME!* to tell what is WRONG with my laptop! ok this past few days, my laptop has gone CRAZY by shutting down itself without any of my instructions, or permission i would say! its like im in the middle of gossip girl, and my laptop suddenly turn off! but it automatically on again by itself, and everything has to start ALL OVER with that weird-blue-screen. i know this wasnt a good sign. but plisss dont tell me i need to send her to the clinic... :(( teach me how to solve this.. like STEP-BY-STEP. i MEAN it!

has anyone had this same problem before? or its just me?? oh my..what am i gonna do without u...


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

irresistible, i SWEAR.

FINALLY its over! exams i mean. and thank god pharmaco practical just now was not that hard, so i dont have to feel guilty at all for having this whole fun right after i answered my last question :))

you see, our actual MAIN plan was to watch a movie and to have dinner at bbq nation. yes just movie and dinner. movie and dinner.but everything started to go wrong when theres no ticket available that suits our time range. so! we decided to do window shopping *which obviously never works for me* to kill the time, since bbq nation will only be open from 7pm.

with my new SUPER high heel *super enough that i got blisters all over! i din expect to do A LOT of walking, obviously* we went from one end to the other end, entered almost all shops in that mall! and i tell u, the feeling of leaving tommy, ucb, and few others without bringing out their shopping bags along was UNBELIEVABLE.

just as i thought i could finally control my shopping habits....theres one bag, just ONE that caught my attention! and i told myself, why not take a peek, u r not going to buy it anyway *yeahhhh right* and OMG, it looked even gorgeous when i hang it on my shoulder. ok this ONE is totally irresistible, i SWEAR. *sighhhhhh* welcome to my overpopulated bag holder :))

after we are done with our so called "window shopping" we went straight away to bbq nation. and to our was CLOSED!! damn it. another plan ruined! we ended up having our dinner at KFC, yes how pathetic is that! lesson for today: always make a reservation!

f-a-m: im going to do henna this friday. with my other girlfrens. wait for the result :) and plissss help me recover from my uncontrol habits!! i need money for my holiday trip people!! *blaming myself non-stop* :X

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

i thank ALLAH for this :)

they say the clothes aren't nice, the jeans doesnt fit. but they are the one who spent thousands$$$ when they shopped.

they say the food wasnt good, never suits their taste. but they are the one who eats like a pig.

they say theres nowhere to go, this place is so boring. but they are the one who'll never be home.

they say this wasnt enough, i deserve more. well i say "they" just dont know what grateful is..*sighhh*

f-a-m: i pass my microbiology paper, which is totally unexpected. syukur alhamdulillah :) mesti berkat doa ayah ibu ni :))

Monday, April 20, 2009

fashion fast foward

omg why now..whyyy!! thank you, for being VERY understanding! u shud have skipd my name when u send this email. as if i can make it. pfffft. have fun people! *at least think of me sometimes :)*

i wonder

please, handle with CARE.

why do we hurt the most the ones we LOVE the most?

We always seem to hurt the people that we would do anything to keep from being hurt by anyone else. how ironic is that? but why?

is it because our souls are so much connected even a slightest mistake make it too deep so it hurts?
is it because knowing that they are our loved ones, so they will always forgive us easily?
is it because they are the ones closest to us, and thats why the impact is always greater?

i wonder.....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

part time job.

mana satu adik saya? durrrhh mesti lah yg paling comel, tgk KAKAK lah. BAHAHAHA :P

finally shes home! kesian gak lah sbnrnya dgn kisah hidup dia ni. study kat metrix kedah je pon, tapi jumlah kali balik rumah, lebih sedikit daripada jumlah saya balik rumah yg study kt INDIA ni. SERIOUS! jealous nya dia dah dapat lepak kat rumah lama2 skrng...ah jgn nak melepak je eh! makan tido makan tido! pergi cari kerja skrng jugak! *x kesah lah kat kedai topup cina pon* berdikari siket! hahahaha :pppp

ohh sorry lah semua org. dah post benda merepek2 je saya ni skrng. SUMPAH bosan gila ni. shopping dah, tgk tv dah, pg salon dah, kemas bilik dah, basuh baju dah, guling2 dah beribu kali dh,study je belum! nasib baik ada blog, boleh membebel sorng2 :))

f-a-m: OMG i think my first job in my life is going to be a doctor weihhh.. *kalau x menganggur lepas grad lh* i never work anywhere ever during any holidays thru out my life! hahah :p

first impression

well they say first impression is VERY important. what say u? as for me, its true that first impression plays a major role in potraying ourself in front of others, bt its not always right, because i've experienced that sometimes we made a false impression to someone. be it from good but turn out to be bad and vice versa.

ok lets quote an example here, what will your impression be when you see someone got up from their seat in LRT to give it to an old lady who deserves it more. i would say that he/she is a very kind person, ada kesedaran civil yg bagus, mungkin sgt cool, dan interesting. bagi saya lh. and to those yg boleh lagi nk galak2 borak ngn kwn2 dia, pada hal nenek tua berdiri dh mcm nk jatuh dpn mata, mmg sgt tidak beradab, tiada kesedaran, saya x ingin pun nk kenal *ohh kalau ada kwn2 saya mcm ni, SHAME ON U* dan segala yg buruk lh. FIRST IMPRESSION, ingat tu.

lets say u saw a mom with her child yg merengek2 nk beli sesuatu kt toysRus, first mom: pujuk anak baik2, ckp elok2. second mom: pg cubit anak dia, marah2, anak dia pun nangis bingit satu mall. well my impression to the first mom, seorang yg penyabar, mesti anak dan suami syg dia, good in handling situation in public, selalu nya org yg berpelajaran. to the second mom: kene pergi kursus keibu bapaan, panas baran, kalau kt public pun mcm ni xtau ah kt rumah mcm mana, lain kali jgn bwk anak masuk toysRus ok??? FIRST IMPRESSION again, ingat tu!

ok lh last example. seorang yg selalu buat muka kerek, pendiam, x byk ckp. my impression, takut nk tegur, mungkin dia ni x ramai kwn *sbb org lain pun takut nk tegur*, sombong, fussy dan bla bla bla. tapi kalau seorang yg selalu senyum, ckp pada tempat2 yg bersesuaian, semua org akan senang nk berkawan, akan RAMAI kawan, periang dan bla bla bla.

kalau nk cerita pasal first impression ni, mmg banyak, takut korang boring je nk baca, tapi key word hari ni ialah FIRST IMPRESSION, ingat tu. as i mentioned earlier sometimes first impression x betul pun, and its totally TRUE. ada org nmpk pendiam, tp dh kenal BEST weihhhh dia org ni, ha pernah experiencd x? pernah kn. mcm mak yg marah2 kt toysRus tu, mungkin dia tgh PMS hari tu, sbnrnya dia baik je kt rumah kn? and orang yg bgn bg seat LRT kt nenek tu mungkin seorang yg paling di benci kt college. mana tahu? tapi ingt, org mmg selalu judge dr
first impression!

ohh mungkin ada satu je lh impression yg x kn salah! kalau korang nmpk remaja yg muda belia, yg PASTI xde sumber pendapatan lagi tu, pakai bag gucci mahu pun louis vuitton ke kelas, sudah PASTI mereka mempunyai sugar daddy *xkesah lh ayah sendiri mahupun bkn* :p. oh atau pun dia beli kat petaling street :)) *gurau2 jgn marah :p*

Saturday, April 18, 2009

gone wild!

OMG OMG OMG!! jadi lah buat layout this time. HAHAH! *bangga dgn diri sendiri* dah banyak kali try ok?? tapi x pernah jadi! *THANX MILL!!* im so bored i dont know wht to do *pada hal ada exam practical this tues* so i browse few websites, and teringin pulak nak tukar layout. sekali sekala, kena ada perubahan :))
comel kan kan kan??? RAWWWRR! *tolong bunyikan dgn cute*

Friday, April 17, 2009

as happy as raihan :)

it din took me long to decide to go out after what happened today. and if theres one thing i'v learned about being here in india *despite of medicine*, it will totally be indipendence. if you think its easy to let me down, think again. im not as brittle as i onced am :))

so i did went to the salon to get my hair done! and the result; TOTALLY love it :) on a scale of 1-10? absolutely 10! ok it might not seem very different to you guys, but it does to me! its shorter, obviously. and its layered?? HAHAH. and i like it. thats the most important thing :D

i texted piya to join me to MG road after im done with my hair. and the best thing about piya, she will never say no :)) we entered few shops there, but of course i din buy anything. im not a shopaholic? durhhh. *hahahah* okok i would not bore you guys with every little details, but lets say it was a fun outing :)

we ended our day with a nice dinner at 20ft high restaurant. and their steak...seriously worth the price. i cnt even finish it *mesti lah i kan kuruss* HAHAHA and my stomach is still bloating.

conlusion: no one can stop you from being happy, unless you permit. so cheeeeeers people :)))

f-a-m: rasa nak pasang air-cond lah kat bilik. macam makin panas je india ni. haha! mmg gedik pon, tapi selagi x kacau duit korang, korang senyap je ok? *tapi piya kata nnti bill electric lagi mahal dari harga air-cond. so kena fikir balik*

just dont.

dont blame me when u din score in ur exams. because none of my words of encouragemnt will help if u just sleep and ym-ing.

dont blame me on how i'll treat u. because none of my kindness and sacrifices i've made amazed you.

dont blame me when you are not in the mood, and start treating me like shit. becasue im not your medicine to your disease. and im not even the cause of it.

dont blame me when i become just like you. because u thought me so much about life, so much that i thot this is another lesson you are trying to teach.

dont blame me when i dont care. because being sensitive or over sensitive u called me, is a biggest turn off to u.

dont blame me if i smile even when im sad. because u always told me not to cry.

dont blame me when i am not the one u used to know. because u'v changed me.

dont blame me when theres something like this happen to u. because karma does exist. and you already knew that.

dont blame me if one day u miss me, and im just not around anymore. because u dont know wht u've got till its gone, so just deal with that.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

slumdog millionaire

you know how annoying it is when everybody keeps on asking me questions about how i lived here in india after watching this slumdog millionaire movie?? i mean question like "eh u guys kt sana sama mcm dalam slumdog tu ke? eeeeewww!" *ok not exactly eeeww lah, but i know they mean to say that by their facial expression* and it was so irritating answering them! i hope after reading this entry people will stop eeeeew2 us!

first and foremost, slumdog millionaire is basically scened in Mumbai ok, yesss that overpopulated Mumbai. but i am here in Bangalore, sophisticated Bangalore! cant u guys at least google that before asking?? we are here in the sillicon valley of india ok, and their IT and technologies are wayyyyyyyyyy better than any other country. oh just dont deny that. unless u are a katak bawah tempurung of course u wont know.

well of course theres slum area here and there, but i'v never seen as large as the one screened in slumdog. seriously. relax ah, kt KL pun bersepah lagi setinggan so x payah nak overrated eeeeww2 kan kita org kt sini.

ohhh and another irritating question! "eh korang kat sana makan chappati ngan curry je lah hari2?" OMG. thats not even funny guysss. FYI, we've been stuffing our tummy with foods from all over the world! and FYI again, pizza hutt, baskin robin, ice spice and razzmatazz *western food*, fresska *italiano*, beijing *chinese cuisine*, food bay *arabian cuisine* , barista and coffee day, cassino and relish *indian cuisine*, haa ini lah tempat2 kita org lunch! and its just a walking distance from our college. doesnt that sound internatioanl enough to u??? pfffft!

oh i forgot to mention, kita org kt sini kalau boring2 lepas class and terasa nk shopping, ada lah dua tiga kedai yang ada dekat2 college. contoh nya united colors of benetton, levis, lee, wrangler, samsonite, adidas, reebok, ni sumpah mmg walking distance ok? korang ada ke? xkottt. and kalau macam penat2 atau sakit bahu bawak bag kita org yg berat tu nk thai massage atau pun nak buat padi-mani semua nya ada dpn college.

ha dah kalau kedai2 mcm tu dh ada depan mata, kt M.G road *tolong lah belajar google siket org2 yg perasan maju tu* and all the malls xpyh ckp lh kn? we've been wearing MNG, esprit, tommy hilfiger, FCUK, springfield, guess, marks n spencer, selamba je pergi class. ohh kalau ada yg kaya sikit boleh ah nk beli LV ke, salvatore ferragamo ke, hermes ke, chanel ke. kt sini ada ok?? anytime pon boleh pergi. *mampu tak mampu je persoalan dia*

i know i sounded like suka gila ngan india ni, but thats not the main point here. just so everybody knows, india ni x de lah seburuk yg digambarkan *bangalore at least*. memang lah byk keburukan nya, tapi sbb semua org asyik nak cakap keburukan je let me be the one yang ckp tentang kemajuan! ini baru ckp places around college, im afraid if i elaborate more you guys will go oooooohh and waaaaaahh non-stop. hahahah!

to all the people who never been to bangalore, i tell u, u wont regret. especially when im still around *wink wink :)* and to those yang x bersyukur2 lagi dgn apa yang dah ada, and x puas2 lagi regret dpt study kt india tapi bukan UK mahupun US, ni nk pesan dua benda je 1) sedar asal usul boleh tak? 2) berpijak lah di bumi yang nyata. ikhlas ni :)

f-a-m: studying medicine here in india is the GREATEST achievement in my life so far, thats why i never ask for more. syukur alhamdulillah :)

Monday, April 13, 2009


I just got lost
Every river that I've tried to cross
And every door I ever tried was locked
Ooh-Oh, And I'm just waiting till the shine wears off...

You might be a big fish In a little pond
Doesn't mean you've won
'Cause along may come
A bigger one, And you'll be lost

just because i'm losing doesnt mean im lost....

f-a-m: i din do well for pathology just now. and i deserve that :l

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ritter sport

oh-mi-god its 11pm and im starvingggggg. dont get me wrong ok, i havnt had my dinner so its totally acceptable! im tired of eating maggi, i dont have an intense desire to make a phone call for any delivery *muakkkkk lah!*, our rice cooker rosak and lagi one week baru dapat balik *nice one* and sangat lah kepingin nasi skrng! *jiran2 ku sekalian faham2 lh* HAHAHA :p

but thank god theres ritter sport! my life saving ritter sport :) at least this is sufficient enough for tonight. my brain needs food! oh i forgot to tell u. i am STUDYING people. for the very last minute. i know it wont help much but at leasttttt?? *ok lets not regret now* same old same old. hahaha!

perut dh kenyang, sekarang boleh lh sambung belajar ye raihan. silakan.

f-a-m: this is one of my fav. obviously

Friday, April 10, 2009


to those who have watched talentime will surely agree with me that all the songs are very nice. somehow it has a soothing affect to me because rasa tenang gila bila dgr.

kepada kawan2 yg x balik malaysia hari tu, dan siapa2 yg x tgk lagi talentime, sila lh dgr lagu2 dlm movie tu. i'm giving u the links because i dnt know how to put videos on my blog *ok sila lh gelak skrng, i dont mind* chehhhh, jap lg nangis pulak org gelak kn? hahaha :p

since exam is nearing, im sure everyone is in a tense condition, so! take a break geeks and listen to this soothing songs. at least soothe enough for me :) (i go by Aizat) (angel by atilia)

f-a-m: still cant find the mp3 version of those songs nk dl. anyone??

Thursday, April 9, 2009

new look!

ok enough misery about all the rinduS i've posted before! lets look upon a bright side :) since many people been requesting to see my latest look *im wearing spectacle now* HAHAH, so be grateful my readers, because u got the chance to see the new me too :D

just so you know i've been wanting to wear spec since forever *because i think im cuter when i wear it* HAHAH again, but i never thought i'll end up wearing it because i NEED to wear it. so yessss people. saya rabun sekarang. my god sungguh cacat rasa nya. pffffft.

thanks to someone who forced me to do my eye test when i started complaining that im having severe headache and blurred vision this past few weeks. ternyata benar sangkaan u! and tadaaaaa...

ohhhh plissss agree i do look cute right? BAHAHAHA :p

ok adakah ini bukti saya sangat study HARD selama ini? jawapan nya tidak. ini akibat duduk dpn laptop hari2!! hahaha.

rindu :(

  • rindu masakan ibu yang SUMPAH sedap nk mampus.
  • rindu bunyi mercedes benz ayah setiap kali ayah pulang dari office.
  • rindu kerabu mango chicken rice shop dan green apple kasturi secret recipe.
  • rindu menonton movie2 di malaysia dgn org2 tersayang.
  • rindu nak tolong auntie dan kak pony buat bunga telur utk wedding bangah.
  • rindu cotton candy yg amal belanja.
  • rindu diari dan konsert Af *errrr??*
  • rindu udara segar dan rambut yg tak serabut setiap kali nk pg mana2, sbb semua kereta ada aircon x mcm auto.
  • rindu air2 exotic yg ibu sedia kn utk lunch seperti orange+laici
  • rindu nk bergossip dgn ibu bila kami tinggal berdua di rumah
  • rindu tido yg tidak perlu ber-alarm
  • rindu katil queen size yg boleh guling2 sesuka hati
  • rindu breakfrst yg telah tersedia, wlpun bgn pagi pukul 11
  • rindu sms free yg maxis bagi sampai beratus2 *700++ kott* dan masih xtau apa reason maxis bagi sebegitu byk.
  • rindu ngiauan kucing2 yang xkn dapat dgr di india.
  • rindu kedai2 seperti topshop, dorothy perkins, dan roxy *bila lh nk ada kt india*
  • rindu utk keluar cari mkn bila kami sekeluarga lapar di mlm2 hari :((
  • rindu kan outing bersama abang di klcc.
  • rindu nak pg bank buat cash deposit utk abang, ajib dan tey. *hisssh spoilt betul lh korang ni* hahah :p
  • rindu teman ibu layan cerita marina kt tv3
  • rindu bau beruangggg. *sighhh*
  • conclusion: rindu SEMUA yg ada di malaysia. and im still in malaysia-mood but why am i back here in india again?? hmmmhh..... :((

f-a-m: rinduuuuuuuuuuu.