Saturday, May 22, 2010

yours truly is no longer on blogspot.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

rainbow !


i thot i've warned u people that there will be less updates when i'm home right? but i know u guys been missing me thats why i'm here ;)

well so far my holiday is GREAT & fully occupied! just got back from Kuala Lumpur few days back with my family. did some shopping , and bought myself a super awesome studded ankle boot which i'm not going to show here, but seriously UBER cool weihh! HAHAH! just spot me when i wear them! ;pp

oh and theres one gorgeous bag that i really wanted to buy the other day but considering the fact that i got mountain of bags already & the bag is kind of over-priced for me & i have to control my spending so yeah bye bye gorgeous bag... ;// FOR NOW. lets just hope i can control myself till 4th Jan or else, u might wanna check my blog again for a special "gorgeous bag" update! (omg so typical!)

other than shopping malls, my holiday is more of spending time with the family. makan2, lepak2, tgk tv, u know the usuals...and it felt so good to be home. i really dont wanna go back to INDIA ;/ just 12 days left & hello BORING life ! blerghh...

just a random picture from my blackberry; so that this post will not be so dull ;)

ok! thats all for now. i might be going to Singapore for boxing day with my best friend and i'll update u guys about that once i'm back ;)

take care !

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

last time .

"i seriously don't know where i stand when it comes to u & your 'having-fun-time'. its like i am not even in your mind at all and suddenly i am NO ONE. but i'm used to it already & i'm cool with that! wow seems like i'm cool with EVERYTHING now. i just hope that i don't burst one day, no no better not ;DD and TRUST me this is the LAST time u are going to hear me babbling about something u guys don't even understand!"

ok WTF dah nak balik Malaysia pun nak emo2! hahah! forget about that! in 24hours from now i'll be at the airport already waiting for my flight to board! AWESOMENESS ;)) ayah baru je call and he's going to fetch me, yeayyy! we are going to have our breakfast (since my arrival is at 7am) straight away after that. TAK sabar nya ;D and he told me that we are going to Kuala Lumpur the next day itself! see ? day 1 pun dah BUSY! ohhhh i miss driving ;)

i still haven't packed anything yet which i'm going to do right after i'm done with class tomorrow! hopefully i wont forget anything important because i am soooo not a last minute person in matter like this (in studies, YES i am haha) blame all my tests & seminars & tutorials that keep me INSANE !

i better go and read my ophthalmology now (even though i'm NOT in the mood. at ALL) but what to do as if i got any option right! i leave u guys with one link, check it out IF u are bored ok? (i said IF and ONLY IF u are bored).

OMG i can smell home already ;))


Monday, December 14, 2009

wrap up !

wow what happened to me? lama gila tak update blog weihhh! rindu rindu rindu (ewwww) yeah i was BUSY remember? and i'm still busy actually but i think a quick update wont affect anything! if i could spent 2hours napping despite of tons of reading to be done, and 24hours facebook-ing (haha!) my blog deserves my minutes too ;) ok just few more headaches before holiday starts and i'm off to home sweet home !

let's see whats left! i still got one forensic medicine exam tomorrow, one ophthalmology end posting exam & pathology tutorial on Wednesday, then here come my GREATEST escape that I've been waiting for on that same Wednesday! cant believe my countdown is ALMOST over ;))))

so i'll be in Malaysia from 16/12/09 to 04/01/10 & i am very sure i'm going to have lotssss & lotsssss of fun, so excuse me for being quiet once i'm home. but of course i'll update u guys once in awhile IF time permits (cause i can be very busy at home even by doing nothing ;p)

let me wish u people happy holiday in advance, enjoy your Christmas, enjoy BOXING DAY (ehem ehem) enjoy new year, n last but not least enjoy yourself EXPLORING India to all my friends who are going to spend their holiday here, hi hi hi ;pp oh come on, we all know that India is actually VERY interesting right! so don't be sad ok? HAHAHA (ok im evil)

p/s; is this my last post for 2009? omg sooo not special ! *well i hope not

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

i am busy .

Thursday 10/12/09
-pathology tutorial (1-2pm)
-microbiology test (2-3pm)

Saturday 12/12/09
-pharmacology clinical research (9-4pm)

Monday 14/12/09
-pharmacology seminar (3-4pm)

Tuesday 15/12/09
-forensic medicine test (2-3pm)

Wednesday 16/12/09
-ophthalmology end posting exam (9-12pm)
-pathology tutorial (2-3pm)
-MALAYSIA here i come (11pm)

and of course clinics, theory classes and practicals in between, going on AS USUAL from 8am-430pm EVERY DAY!

yes i'm a busy woman! EVERY WEEK pun macam ni la schedule i ok? yes setiap minggu! boleh jadi gila in no time seriously. so harap2 balik Malaysia boleh tenangkan fikiran ;) but wait a sec, balik dari Malaysia nnti dah nak FINAL exam pulak which is equal to MORE depression! i guess tekanan perasaan kita org memang tak kan berakhir ;//

ya Allah ya tuhan ku, berikanlah kekuatan kepada hamba mu yang lemah ini. Amin...

p/s; percayalah korang memang tak kan dapat tandingi kesibukan ni..

Monday, December 7, 2009

inul , jakarta .

Ok its time for restaurant review! i just had a delicious dinner at this one place called ELEMENTS and i highly recommend u people to go if u feel like u need to award yourself after successfully attended the nerve wracking pharmacology seminar! especially the one that u thot of not going at the first place but u still went because u are one good girl, like me! BAHAHA ;p

the reasons why you should try ELEMENTS;

1) its near from college. u see fun world, and theres one petrol bunk right? yeah take that left turn, and go straight until u see airtel office on your left, and keep going (slowly because u r almost there) and ELEMENTS is on your left side too.
2) VERY cheap. one platter of seafood is just rs.300.
3) endless menu to choose from! (i hate this part tho) VERY confusing. feel like trying ALL of them.
4) they got sheesha ;) *i should try this again (the first & last time i did this was like years ago with my best friend) omg am i lame? HAHA!
5) of course sebab sedapppppp ;D

my rs.300 special seafood steak with cheese sauce.

ok note to yourself; u dont have to dress fancy because its a very 'santai' restaurant with a Mediterranean concept (sesuai sgt utk pergi lepas seminar ;p) own by an Indonesian who happened to be there just now and of course being very friendly to us (afiq to be exact, HAHA). Most importing thing is, HALAL :)) semua ada! ayam daging kambing sotong ikan udang ketam lobster, ha pilih2!

u people should try! but if its me who is left behind here, then my bad ;p

Sunday, December 6, 2009

thank u so much .

if u ever feel lonely and messy and sad and frustrated and whatnot, but u still have to live because committing suicide is prohibited in Islam, i suggest u to call your nearest baskin robbins and asked them to deliver u buckets & buckets of ice cream right to your doorstep ;)) because it works for me,really! (not that i try to kill myself, nauzubillah!)

i'm just going through a MASSIVE transformation right now, and not dare to say i'm OK because i am obviously NOT (just look at my post(s) right) but i'm trying my VERY best to adapt with this, slowly. and i think i did ok so far.

thanks to medicine, thanks to all the shit load of homeworks, thanks to the endless tests and seminars, thanks baskin ;)

so to whoever out there who feels sad & gloomy, wake up! its time to see the sunshine again! go eat anything u feel like eating! its the best time to gain weight after all! ok enough raihan, everybody is happy so just talk to yourself, hahaha ;))

Saturday, December 5, 2009

get back up ;)

I feel bad for being useless to myself these past 2days. I downloaded like 7movies so that I can watch them & just stay in bed the whole day, locked myself up in my room until my own housemate left me a stick-on-note on the fridge just to tell me things, I’ve been eating JUNKS and I’m pretty sure if I am allowed to get drunk I would have been beyond drunk right now! And I ditched on my girlfriends outing plan because I don’t feel like going out. How useless is that?

But then I realized that this really wasn’t me. I’m not like this. So I get up from my bed at 7 in the EVENING to start my day! Pretty late I know, but I convinced myself that this could never be too late and I feel like a whole new spirit got into my body!

so I took my bath (my morning bath that is), clean up the total MESS around my bed, and start making myself useful again ;)) I look around the four walls thinking of what to do and I spotted my wardrobe! The last time I checked on it was like ages ago, and I’m so surprised it look like this; like eww!

Ok obviously Mr.wardrobe needs my help! I gather all my strength to pull out EVERYTHING, and thot of sorting them from scratch all over again! like come on right, this is a very easy job for me, no problem at all i can do it. so i keep on digging and digging my wardrobe until its totally EMPTY, and oh mi god i almost fainted when i see this;

i was like, holy shit where do i start now?! i cant just give up because where the hell am i going to sleep if i din finish this tonight! so sloooooowly i picked up one bye one, n choose which one goes back in the wardrobe, which one deserves to bid goodbye, and which are going back forever to Malaysia with me!

MALAYSIA 10 days to go

tiring but VERY satisfying ;)

of course after throwing A LOT of things.

but since i don't feel like i've done enough to make it up to myself for being useless before, i even cleaned my shoes! throw away few VERY OLD pairs, and rearrange them ;)

now theres only one thing left! i think i need to do some shopping tomorrow ;) to replace all the things that i "threw" during my cleaning up session! hihi ;p may be 2 pairs of shoes and a couple of tops will do just fine! dont u think so? ok we are really talking about myself now huh? ;D

p/s; BEX died this morning. . .rest in peace buddy.

Friday, December 4, 2009

bye bye world !

who said i wasnt serious about this whole movie marathon thingy?

ignore the tissue box, im SERIOUSLY not watching hindi movies or cerekerama ok!

so all i got to do now is turn off the light, get in my blanket and click on the play button ;) i know it looked really messy up there, and in fact, i'm pretty messed up myself ! but hey, just one night couldn't be so wrong right ? i know this will take my mind off things ! well , HOPEFULLY ;)

total movies ; 5 !

part 2

i sketched BEX (at least the BEX that i imagine) on my note book during class since i had a boring lecture today! it seems like i am so obsessed with him right now din i? the truth is, i still cant believe my sister is so into this n its DRAGON for god sake! HAHA! ok isn't he cute? my version of BEX! i know he must be wayyy UGLIER than this, kan Athirah? ;p and btw, just so i thot BEX is all about "bagi makan, cuci berak, n tidur", my sister told me another stupid thing about him. she even send him to SCHOOL!? hahahahahahah! seriously, wtf!

p/s; i think i should get one too. not that im interested, HELL no. i just wanna do some RESEARCH (chehhhh ;p)