Tuesday, December 22, 2009

rainbow !


i thot i've warned u people that there will be less updates when i'm home right? but i know u guys been missing me thats why i'm here ;)

well so far my holiday is GREAT & fully occupied! just got back from Kuala Lumpur few days back with my family. did some shopping , and bought myself a super awesome studded ankle boot which i'm not going to show here, but seriously UBER cool weihh! HAHAH! just spot me when i wear them! ;pp

oh and theres one gorgeous bag that i really wanted to buy the other day but considering the fact that i got mountain of bags already & the bag is kind of over-priced for me & i have to control my spending so yeah bye bye gorgeous bag... ;// FOR NOW. lets just hope i can control myself till 4th Jan or else, u might wanna check my blog again for a special "gorgeous bag" update! (omg so typical!)

other than shopping malls, my holiday is more of spending time with the family. makan2, lepak2, tgk tv, u know the usuals...and it felt so good to be home. i really dont wanna go back to INDIA ;/ just 12 days left & hello BORING life ! blerghh...

just a random picture from my blackberry; so that this post will not be so dull ;)

ok! thats all for now. i might be going to Singapore for boxing day with my best friend and i'll update u guys about that once i'm back ;)

take care !

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