Saturday, December 5, 2009

get back up ;)

I feel bad for being useless to myself these past 2days. I downloaded like 7movies so that I can watch them & just stay in bed the whole day, locked myself up in my room until my own housemate left me a stick-on-note on the fridge just to tell me things, I’ve been eating JUNKS and I’m pretty sure if I am allowed to get drunk I would have been beyond drunk right now! And I ditched on my girlfriends outing plan because I don’t feel like going out. How useless is that?

But then I realized that this really wasn’t me. I’m not like this. So I get up from my bed at 7 in the EVENING to start my day! Pretty late I know, but I convinced myself that this could never be too late and I feel like a whole new spirit got into my body!

so I took my bath (my morning bath that is), clean up the total MESS around my bed, and start making myself useful again ;)) I look around the four walls thinking of what to do and I spotted my wardrobe! The last time I checked on it was like ages ago, and I’m so surprised it look like this; like eww!

Ok obviously Mr.wardrobe needs my help! I gather all my strength to pull out EVERYTHING, and thot of sorting them from scratch all over again! like come on right, this is a very easy job for me, no problem at all i can do it. so i keep on digging and digging my wardrobe until its totally EMPTY, and oh mi god i almost fainted when i see this;

i was like, holy shit where do i start now?! i cant just give up because where the hell am i going to sleep if i din finish this tonight! so sloooooowly i picked up one bye one, n choose which one goes back in the wardrobe, which one deserves to bid goodbye, and which are going back forever to Malaysia with me!

MALAYSIA 10 days to go

tiring but VERY satisfying ;)

of course after throwing A LOT of things.

but since i don't feel like i've done enough to make it up to myself for being useless before, i even cleaned my shoes! throw away few VERY OLD pairs, and rearrange them ;)

now theres only one thing left! i think i need to do some shopping tomorrow ;) to replace all the things that i "threw" during my cleaning up session! hihi ;p may be 2 pairs of shoes and a couple of tops will do just fine! dont u think so? ok we are really talking about myself now huh? ;D

p/s; BEX died this morning. . .rest in peace buddy.


whsy said...

your wardrobe looks less "suffocating" after the clean up! good job!!!<3

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

Ceh! thot that mybe u'll leave ur wardrobe n shoerack pack-less like that! But shopping?? HAHAHA.

Nways, have fun babe! ;)