Monday, December 14, 2009

wrap up !

wow what happened to me? lama gila tak update blog weihhh! rindu rindu rindu (ewwww) yeah i was BUSY remember? and i'm still busy actually but i think a quick update wont affect anything! if i could spent 2hours napping despite of tons of reading to be done, and 24hours facebook-ing (haha!) my blog deserves my minutes too ;) ok just few more headaches before holiday starts and i'm off to home sweet home !

let's see whats left! i still got one forensic medicine exam tomorrow, one ophthalmology end posting exam & pathology tutorial on Wednesday, then here come my GREATEST escape that I've been waiting for on that same Wednesday! cant believe my countdown is ALMOST over ;))))

so i'll be in Malaysia from 16/12/09 to 04/01/10 & i am very sure i'm going to have lotssss & lotsssss of fun, so excuse me for being quiet once i'm home. but of course i'll update u guys once in awhile IF time permits (cause i can be very busy at home even by doing nothing ;p)

let me wish u people happy holiday in advance, enjoy your Christmas, enjoy BOXING DAY (ehem ehem) enjoy new year, n last but not least enjoy yourself EXPLORING India to all my friends who are going to spend their holiday here, hi hi hi ;pp oh come on, we all know that India is actually VERY interesting right! so don't be sad ok? HAHAHA (ok im evil)

p/s; is this my last post for 2009? omg sooo not special ! *well i hope not

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