Friday, December 4, 2009

part 2

i sketched BEX (at least the BEX that i imagine) on my note book during class since i had a boring lecture today! it seems like i am so obsessed with him right now din i? the truth is, i still cant believe my sister is so into this n its DRAGON for god sake! HAHA! ok isn't he cute? my version of BEX! i know he must be wayyy UGLIER than this, kan Athirah? ;p and btw, just so i thot BEX is all about "bagi makan, cuci berak, n tidur", my sister told me another stupid thing about him. she even send him to SCHOOL!? hahahahahahah! seriously, wtf!

p/s; i think i should get one too. not that im interested, HELL no. i just wanna do some RESEARCH (chehhhh ;p)


athirah awesome said...

rehan, cuba lagi sketch. not even close to Bex. nice try btw. hahhaa.

raihan said...

omg! not even close? i knew it! UGLIERRRR right. haha! ;p