Saturday, March 28, 2009

im home!

ohhhh i know u guys miss me! im in malaysia now and i dont really hv good relationship with my laptop once im here, and u prolly know why :)) hahaha. so just a quick update! remmbr i told u about my plan on how i would manage my studies?? i did it people!! i went to the library on my second day home :)) i know AMAZING ryte??

take a peek people :)

you guys know wht?? on my way back from bangalore that day, suddenly the cabin crew made an announcement that they need a doctor! fulamakkkk cool kot?? HAHA. theres someone having problem which i dont wht it was because im not kepochi enough to ask. me, ira and hamid were about to volunteer ourselves as a medical student if theres no doctor inside our plane! *xsedar diri kan kita org??* haha. bt FORTUNATELY theres one doctor and everything was under control :)

im too busy having my time with my family and love ones, so i will probably get back on track on this blog when im back in INDIA ok?? so tk cr everybody!! i knw u miss me, XoXo!

f-a-m: theres only ONE reason why i hate to be home! ayah will call me everytime he couldnt reach ibu *since im the only one left at home* because she din pick up his calls! as early as 9am. *just to ask, awk dh ada brkfst belum kt rumah!!* OMG plissss ayah i dont want to gt up yet....ZZzzZZ!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


ok guys dont get too excited. WOW doesnt stand for world of whatever *ok i dnt knw* that game u guys addicted to. this WOW is like when u see liv tyler in front of u, and u go like WOW... yeah that kind of WOW im talking right now.

so this evening, somethng really WOW happn to me! hahah. i jogged people! yessss that spells J-O-G-G-E-D! isnt tht WOW u?? trust me, this is somethng u'll hear only ONCE IN A BLUE MOON. im so proud of myself i can actually run without getting tired *ok sumpah penipuan terang terangan2* hahaha.

butttttttt..the irony is, we went straight away to day fresh after that *i ws thinkng of drinking juice, kira mcm sihat gila ah hari ni* instead, we orderd egg maggi with cheese!! OMG! dgn peluh x kering lagi, pakai sports atire siap, order maggi. cool kn kami?? and to make things more irony, piya *my jog-mate today* happily took sprite and nicely drink it! and now...shes in the kitchen preparing our dinner and its NASI AYAM people!! nice one. 40minutes of jogging=nothing. WOW!

and since hearing me jogging is a rare thing for you as well as for myself, im giving you a chance to see how cute i was ths evening and look at my happy face! awwwww.....

Wow...*ok this is not liv tyler*

f-a-m: i can easily cry. im such a cry baby..ok tadi saya nangis sbb dia org gelak kn saya x reti set password kt laptop! so meannnnnn!! kan dh ckp buta IT :(((

Sunday, March 22, 2009

im dying :((

ZOMG! this is all my fault. totally my fault! how stupid i am to even think of playing this game! bt i still blame you for even AGREE to play! daym!!! ok heres my-so-called-i-think-this-game-is-cute-we-shud-give-it-a-try works, we made a deal, not to contact each other in ANY WAYS for one WHOLE week. u know no phone calls, no messages, no Im no nothing, *ok we cheat sometimes by communicating thru myblog or our ym status* and who ever make an attempt to contact first, lose!

and to make this whole thing even TOUGHER, this particular someone is the one who i called VERY OFTEN, who msg me like 24/7, we do ym like everynight, and because of this game my routine life changes DRASTICALLY!! and im dying now. seriously. now that im alone, because nana *my housmate* suddenly made up her mind to go back TONIGHT, yesss people TONIGHT! *she'll be on her flight any minutes from now* and im not prepared for this!!!

i've been like a crazy woman, staying home doing NOTHING, and even if i feel like telling you how was my day, i just have to stop myself because i dnt want to lose *not that i dont miss you ok* ohhh god help me. and i swear we are not doing this AGAIN. EVER!

i miss u. i miss u. i miss u. like craaaaaaazyyy :(( thank god just one more day to go!!

but somehow this game will make u realized how important someone is in your life *its not that i dont realized it before, bt im trying to put it in a diffnt way ths time :) *. i think you guys should try too. u know with someone you spend most of your time with. be it you boyfriend, girlfriend, sisters, bff, ok whoever. its fun, and its HARD. hahah. so brave enough to try? *oh plisss dont do this when your relationship is on the rock*. well they say, if you put ths game into a positive thing, it will strenghten your relationship :)

f-a-m: i dont like to wear the same top or baju that i have worn, to class. at least not in two weeks time. i find it too boring to repeatedly wear the same clothes too often. sorry! its just me :))

Saturday, March 21, 2009

cupcakess :))

i was so excited when i first saw this cinnamint ad on facebook, and i immediately click on it to see what they've got to offer. and so i've been emailing with the owner of this home-based company asking about the price, flavours and bla bla bla. being me who is so excited hearing that finally theres cupcakes here in INDIA, i place an order without any hesitation! hahaha.

cinnamint is actually a small company, and they dont have any shop yet, so they just bake at home, and make all the cupcakes and cakes only if u place an order. since i've tasted their cupcakes jst now, im gonna share a lil about it with you guys :)

it start with a minimum of six cupcakes, and as maximum as u wish. i orderd six of course because i dnt have anythng to celebrate and its basically my first try. it cost me rs250, so one cupcake is..ok u do the math *quite expensive actually*. they can do the delivery but u have to pay extra charges of course. i went there by myself *alone ok* because i wanna see where exactly is the place *so it'll be easier next time*

its in indranagar *ok i dont know how to spell*, 12th main road, and as i thot, the owner is young, around our age, or maybe 2-3 years older, and nice *dah nama pon rumah dia kat indranagar kan, harus lah anak2 orang kaya dia ni* i go for chocolate flavour, with chocolate topping. it tastes good, and the topping is super chocolaty! because the size is big theres still 4 left in the fridge *sapa nak rasa datang lah rumah, serious*. overall i cn say its worth a try. since we dont have much choise here right? you guys should give them a try too. for more info,

f-a-m: i dont mind if you guys wanna ask more details about ths. sharing is caring :))

enjoy :)

click for a bigger picture. HAHAHA :p

ohhh its weekend already :) and i've got nothng else to do, so i camwhore alone in my room! hahaha. *at least i dont bitching around, ryte?* this self-obsess-and-budget-comel-or-whtevr-u-call-it-but-who-cares-this-is-my-blog picture is dedicated to my family, especially ibu, who apparently keep forcing me to tell her when im coming home eventho i've told her like a zilionth times its a secret, my anonymous whos missing me like crazy i know u dnt have to deny it, my readers, and anyone who cares :)

so have a good weekend people!! oh i just got a call and my cupcake is ready and im going to get them now!! sure sure i'll update soon. dont worry ok! take care.

f-a-m: someone told me that blogsphere is full of dramas, and i couldnt say more because its totally true. so yessss, i cn handle critics now *i guess* hahah, at least will try to be more professional. and smile. always. :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

hasad dengki perangai syaitan. so, jangan jadi mcm syaitan.

dear anonymous,

thank u for all your comments. yeah your unpleasant comment. bt i just have an inquiry to ask. what is your problem anonymous? is your life that pathetic and u'v got nothng bttr to do than bitching around at others blog? i pitty u, with full heartedly for that. i dont need to know who u are, and i dnt want to know. but as an adult, who is mature enough, and i cn consider professional enough, dont you feel ashame of yourself? yes you anonymous, dnt u feel sorry for yourself when u look into the mirror and see yourself as an unethic person? din your parents thot u how to behave when u were small? oh no. i shudnt blame ur innocent parents. this is all about u, im sure of that.

kenapa lah selalu ada perasaan x puas hati dalam diri awk. kenapa? gelap sgt ke hati tu? apa yang awk nak dengki sangat dgn saya? ada org comment blog saya as anonymous, awk ckp saya commnt blog sendiri. maaf lah kalau xda org nk cmmnt blog awak, dan awak jealous, tapi saya xde lah se pathetic dan se loser awak yg terfikir nk cmmnt blog sendiri. mungkin itu yang awk biasa buat kan, sbb tu awk ckp. hmmmh, tlg lh ubah perangai.

am i that bright, and you feel so insecure and inferior or something? no im not. than what is your problem? erghhh i cnt stop myself for being sorry for yourself anonymous. bt i know i cnt do anythng to change your attitude. your bad attitude. i just hope one day you will realize and hate yourself for who you are before this.

to the good anonymous, thank you for your pleasant comments, i appreciate tht. but one of your "anonymous" members seems to have this little problem with me, thats why i wrote this. of course this entry has nothing to do with you guys, i just thot of letting this bad anonymous know how i feel about herself. thank you again, n may god bless you all. especially this bad one. u need more bless from him obviously :)

f-a-m: i personally think that you are too jealous. just stop reading my blog if u dont like it ok. and dont stalk me too much by reading all my comments. oh and get yourself a respectful life. thank u :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

aku dan kau..

minta maaf banyak2. entri kali ini mungkin bakal menyinggung perasaan beberapa belah pihak. kali ini saya nk guna kata ganti diri aku dan kau supaya nampak lebih kasar, dan lebih makan dalam *harap2 berjaya*. tahu tak betapa sakit nya hati saya bila berada di sekeliling orang2 yang tidak pernah belajar dari kesilapan, yang cakap besar nauzubillah, mereka-reka cerita, buat2 tahu walaupun dia nampak bodoh *maaf* sekali bila cuba buat2 tahu tu, dan macam2 perangai lagi. saya tahu, oh silap aku tahu, aku pun bukan manusia sempurna *langsung tak*, tapi berpada2 lh kalau x sempurna pun ok?

situasi pertama: "cuti ni aku nk pg bercuti ngan family aku kt rome *bkn negara sbnr*, tak balik malysia kot". ok aku nak kau tahu satu perkara je lah. yang aku rasa nak muntah bila dgr kau ckp benda tu kt kawan2 aku yg lain *yg x tahu kisah silam kau yg suka menipu tu*. eh come on lah kan, kau dan aku pun tahu, yg kau tu ada kisah silam suka menipu kita org, dah pernah kantoi pun, kau ni mmg x reti belajar ke dari kesilapan kau? fine lah kalau kau nk membangga2 diri kau dgn perkara yg aku dan kau pun tahu mmg x kn berlaku, dkt org lain, tapi bila kau dekat2 dgn aku, dan aku dapat dgr perbualan kau yg memual kan tu, aku rasa marah. ok? marah! stop lah membangga pasal diri kau dan keluarga kau yg memang x sahih langsung kebenaran nya. kau nk ke aku bagitau kt semua org pasal kau? xnk kn? aku pun xnk, so tolong lah ubah sikit perangai kau tu. bila org dah bagi peluang kedua, pandia2 lh ya.

situasi kedua: aku tak faham kenapa kau suka sangat treat aku mcm, ntah aku pun xtahu nk ckp mcm mana. bila aku tanya soalan yg simple2, kau x pyh lah nk menjawab dgn muka kerek kau tu ya. kau tak bagus pun lah. aku pun x bagus tapi aku xde lah nk buat muka kerek bila org tanya soalan2 simple kt aku, contoh nya "eh tadi pharmaco punya practical buat apa?" *bkn soalan sbnr* ape masalah kau aku pun x faham. kau ni pms hari2 ke? x kn? aku boleh terima lah kalau kau nk sangat buat muka kerek kau tu time kau pms, sbb org ckp aku pun pms jugak *org lah ckp*, tp bila hari2 biasa yg tenang dan damai ni, kau cuba lah jadi normal. tolong eh?

situasi ketiga: ok korang marah x bila barang korang diguna kan tanpa pengetahuan?? hish ni paling bengang. aku x kisah lah kalau kau nk pinjam pen aku ke, buku aku ke,baju aku ke, bag aku ke, fine amek lah. x pyh cakap pun xpe, sbb aku x kesah kalau yg ni. ni kalau dh barang peribadi aku, kau guna tanpa pengetahuan aku, aku marah ok?? katakan lah laptop *bkn barang sbnr*, itu contoh barang peribadi kan? ke mak korang dulu time beli kan laptop cakap, "ok laptop ni ibu beli utk kongsi ngn kawan2 ya raihan" *contoh* xde kan??? bila sekali kau buat aku senyap, x bermaksud aku suka ok? aku xkesah korang nk pinjam barang2 aku, tapi ada mulut ada phone, boleh cakap atau msg utk mintak permission dulu kan?? aku mungkin nampak mcm x kesah je dgn ape yang kau buat, tp aku pun manusia, aku ada perasaan marah. ok?

situasi keempat: kau boleh tolong berfikir dulu tak sebelum kau bercakap? kalau kau tak tahu nk ckp apa kau senyap pun lagi bagus aku rasa. bila kita x tahu dan x pasti dgn sesuatu, xpyh lah kau nk buat2 tahu. aku nk bgtau kat kau, aku tergelak kecil dalam hati degan kebodohan *maaf* manusia seperti ini. mungkin org2 lain yg bkn seperti aku seronok dgn fakta2 palsu yg keluar dari mulut kau, yg konon nya serba tahu tentang segala2nya, tapi aku tak ok?? fine lah, kalau itu mmg perangai kau yg kau x boleh nk ubah, tapi boleh x aku mintak satu perkara je? tlg jangan cakap kuat sangat sampai aku boleh dgr bila kau terangkan kt org2 lain *kesian korang* pasal benda2 yg kau xtahu tapi kau buat macam kau paling tahu tu? aku rasa sangat ter annoyed!

saya bukan lah cuak, atau pun x berani nk ckp depan2 dgn kau ok, masalahnya, ini bukan peratama kali, dan bukan x pernah nasihat pun. tapi bila dah berlaku hari2, rasa marah tu macam membara2. saya bkn xsedar dgn kelemahan saya sendiri, banyak pun, saya tahu tu, tapi benda2 yang terlalu anoyying mcm ni, kawal2 lh sikit. sekali lagi saya nk ingat kan kepada semua org, saya mungkin nampak x kesah je dgn apa yg korang buat, tapi bila saya diam, x bermaksud saya suka *tapi kalau ada org masuk meminang, saya diam dan senyum2 sipu,maksud nya saya setuju*. ok? saya harap ada lah org yang terasa *mmg itu pun tujuan nya* maaf, xde cara lain nak sampai kan kat kau.

wah. saya rasa sangat ganas entri ni bila guna aku dan kau. apa korang rasa? cukup ganas x saya? :)) ohhh maaf jugak sbb ter sangat emo. mmg saya tgh marah.

f-a-m: rasa macam nk tukar setting blog. anonymous2 skrng makin mengganas nampaknya. saya x kesah korang nk comment ok? tp kalau nk mouth-bitching, ni bukan tempat nya, tolong lah bertamadun sikit wahai rakan2 sekalian.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i love u

oh, i've been travelin' on this road too long

just tryin' to find my way back home

but the old me is dead and gone

dead and gone ..

and oh,

i've been travelin' on this road too long

just tryin' to find my way back home

but the old me is dead and gone

dead and gone

ohhhh baby u never failed to amazed me! and ur super awesome voice keep on playing inside my head! i just couldnt get rid of u now ! i love u long time man :)) ok girl hands up, whos with me!! *ok lelaki pon boleh lh, kalau dh suka*

f-a-m: im missing someone. ohh dnt u just miss ur little-miss-deejay?? plis say u do pliss :l

lets doodle!!

so i doodled during the whole forensic lecture this evening *mind you this wasnt my first time :)* because im the kind of person who cant sit still doing nothing, or else i'll doze off just in a few seconds! todays lecture was just too boring for me to jot down on my book, so rather than letting myself being humiliated by the lecturer in front of the whole class because he caught me sleeping, i doodle!

everybody loves to doodle somewhere and somehow right? when something start to get boring, or its just too long we cnt even pay our attention anymore, thts when we start to doodle! *i know there are people who prefer to just sleep* haha! some people say we cn know our personality base on the things that we doodled, which im not sure how true is that fact.

well i do doodle! i can say a lot. hahah. selak lah buku mana2 pun mesti ada gmbr burung ke bunga ke dinasour comel ke kt hujung2 page nota saya :) i think they are cute. hahaha. bt i dont do it ALL the time ok, just when my attention slipd away and when i try to keep myself awake. jgn salah faham ya, saya rajin salin nota, betul x tipu *cantik pulak tu* hahaha.

so how bout u? u guys do doodle right??? *dont tell me u dont, because i dont think thats funny*

ok this was during forensic just now, im sorry sir your wound and wht so ever weapon is soooo not my thing :p *oh i just realised i spelld jelousy instead of jealousy. thanx anonymous :)*

and this was last year during dr.murali-kesayangan-ramai punya lctr. *sigh* im sorry sir your voice is just too lullaby, u drive me to sleep...

f-a-m: i used to bite my nail! im a terrible-nail-biter! *selalu kena marah ngn ayah :(* my nail used to be soooooo UGLY and SUPER short all the time *yg sampai isi lebih dr kuku, if u knw wht i mean*. but now...tadaaaaa!! it look so nice, a lot of people been asking where i did my french manicure. oh the asnwer is simple. ITS NATURAL :))

Sunday, March 15, 2009


you are like an indian summer in the middle of winter

like a hard candy with a surprise center

how do i get better, once i'v had the best?

you said theres tons of fish in the water, so the waters i will taste.

oh, wont you walk through?

and bust in the door and take me away?

oh, no more mistakes

cause in your eyes i'd like to stay.

f-a-m: when im good im very good. but when im bad, im even better. so just dont try me. ok? :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009


1) dress like a cute tourist : accomplished! oh dont deny it people. hahaha!
2) bring camera along and take pictures as in im a tourist: failed! im too busy having time for myself. and terserempak pulak ngn kawan2, mmg x jadi nk berlakon jadi tourist!
3) quick stop at deepam : accomplished! eventho it wasnt that quick actually. deepam is having their sales today, and wht do u expect? i bought 2 sarees for ibu *not that typical saree u hv in mind ok??* which cost me around rs5000 after 70% discount. again..its deepam, wht do u expect right?
4) jalan2 and keep on taking pictures : failed failed failed!
5) updating and uploading : mission ACCOMPLISHED!

oh and yeah. i got this email from splash few weeks back. but i dont have time to visit their store before this so i went just now. spent quite alot of money there, nice accessories and dresses and BAGSSS in an affordable range. totally my taste. you guys sure gonna heard me going here very often from time to time. to those who never been to splash, come on, take a peek! u wont regret if ur fashion taste is somewhere around my line :)
f-a-m: i drink my mineral water directly from the bottle now. even when im at home *yang ada cawan kt dapur tu* which is so not nice right? sure will be scolded by ibu if she got to know this. grrrrrr :x buruk perangai!

Friday, March 13, 2009



1) dress like a cute tourist. *im thinking of wearing my skirt, plain tshirt, new confashion-bag, hot pink flat shoes, wayfarer and...ok sounds cute enough. hahah :p*
2) bring camera along, and take pictures, as in im a tourist :) *yg tahap suruh org amek kn n start doing the pose, well u know wht im talking about*
3) quick stop at deepam for ibu's baju raya material yg dia pesan.
4) jalan2 and keep on taking pictures like a tourist. *again*
5) updating my blog and uploading pictures when im home. *im sure u guys really cant wait for this!* haha.

f-a-m: im wondering wht it's like to be a tourist at a place where im not actually a tourist. heh. thats when i got this crazy idea :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

"but its you, your scent. its like a drug to me. you are like my own personal brand of heroin. you make me want you so badly. i still dont know if i can control myself"

f-a-m: x sabar nk balik!! saya dh start kemas bag ok?? walaupun lama lg! *shhhhh jgn komen apa2 pasal ni! family saya baca!!* hahaha :)

happy birthday aida :)


yeah this was last year picture. beautiful last year. trying our very best to surprise her *tho bising gila kot, i bet u knw whts going to hppn* but tht was when all of us were still together. all of us. when we used to stick to each other, like one big family. at least thats wht we called ourselves.

i miss those days when we used to have lunch together every weekend, and even stayed until dinner time. we spent most of the times in the kitchen, gossiping about everything. those days that i used to sleepover. when we used to cry in front of each other, i mean me and u, telling each others problems. when u used to come to my house when u dnt feel like staying home. hmmh..i just miss everything.

to my dear aida. im wishing u a happy 21st birthday. hope u'll have a blast with the people around u. and i cn see that u r happier now. and stronger. im so proud of u. how i wish im still one of the people around u. i dont know wht makes us diffrnt now, just wanna let u know one thing, that i value our friendship. eventho we are not as closed as we used to. and im sorry if ive done any mistakes. and im sorry if i ever hurt u.

ohh silly me. u dont even know i hv a blog now. hmmh..

missing the good old days, and wish everything is still the same :(

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the power of brand name!

i think i want to comment about this, since we just had our pharmacology class on how drugs company can influence a physician to choose their brand than any other companies. and how a physician should no get too carried away with their flowery explaination and offers *our Dr gave an example of, u got the chance to travel to malaysia if u buy our products. REALLY funny*, but instead should investigate and make sure it is safe to be given to the patient. that is why it is always advisable to write the generic name. not the brand name. unless u want that free travel offer. LOL!

so todays class remind me of the power of brand name in our daily life. i dont know whether this phenomena is happening just with the people around me, or u guys realised this too? ok one example. maggi. OBVIOUSLY maggi is a brand name. but we simply say that "oh dh mkn maggi td" or "nak pg beli maggi jap". walaupon sbnrnya kita makan instant noodle yg berjenama mamee yg ada gambar mawi kt dpn tu *ok fine, atau felix atau faizal atau amelia* kita ttp akn ckp kita mkn maggi. kn kn kn? ke korang x?

second example. pampers *this the next thing i cn think of im sorry*. selalu x dgr org cakap "nak pegi beli pampers anak kejap". walaupun sbnrnya anak dia pakai diapers yang berjenama diapers *ada kan???*, atau huggies atau mummy poko, atau fine lah mmg pampers! bt i just wanna say that pampers is a brand name!

third example. ok i dont have time to think now *ada test forensic kot esok?? haha*. if u guys think there are other brand names that we used in our daily life, share2 lh :). so the conclusion is, sangat lah besar impak sesuatu brand tu sampai semua benda pun orang akan sebut satu brand tu je! seronok lahhhh maggi ngan pampers!

f-a-m: im sad! because today is FINALLY the FINAL day of surgery posting. yes this time is official! gonna miss all the surgeons. yessss ALL! :((

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


hey hey. dont worry. im not going to privatise my blog :) i just wanna share my opinion about people who are starting to make their blog private. yes. im wondering why they suddenly change their mind after so long? *i mean sape yg mmg dr buat2 dh private lain lh kn* so i started putting myself in their shoes. trying to think of reasonssss.

1] they may feel insecure?
i know sometimes theres psycho bitch who selalu sgt x puas hati kn. and keep on telling this and that based on ur writing, and u r trying to avoid that? as for me, lagi nk dia baca ada lh! lets jst take dr.m as an example. ingt musuh dia x ramai ke? berjuta kot? kena maki hamun siap. tp ada ke dia nk private2 blog dia? xde kannn. an as far as im concern, blog2 yg best dan hebat yg saya tahu xde lg nk private2 ni :)

2] they wanna be free~
as in their writing. selama ni terbatas rupanya. so bila dh private boleh tulis sesuka hati? is that so? its ur blog. suka hati lh kot nk tulis apa bila2 pon kn? hell to that people yg x puas hati.

3] look whos reading!!
ok this part, i have no comment :)

4] suka hati lh!
ha yg ni lg xde comment. agree agree. suka hati korang lah kn? saya pon x kesah. hahaha. so korang pon jangan kesah k apa yg saya tulis ni. xde tuju kan kt sapa2 pon, sumpah! cuma rasa nk tulis sbb ramai dh dgr nk private2 ni :)

5] other reasons.
ok saya x dpt nk fikir reason2 lain. mungkin anda tahu? apa agak nya?

whatever it is, private ke x private ke, kalau blog tu menarik, kita akan baca jugak kn? so cheeerss!! ok do i have to remind everyone again? i think yes. i cn write whtever i like. and plisssssss keep that in mind. THANK YOU :))

f-a-m: theres no f-a-m today. bt i just wanna wish all muslims, selamat menyambut maulidulrasul. and banyak2 lh berselawat hari ni ok :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

con-fashion :p

yeah this is the bag that cries "take me home..take me home.." when im just about to leave her!
oh did i just spelld confession as con-fashion? haha. ok im sorry. no not to u. to myself. for not upholding the promise not to buy another bag :(( yes. yes i bought a new bag last saturday. well how cn i resist this..its a leather bag, dark brown in colour *my fav*, its big *i cn put anything in it*, and its totally gorgeous to me *ok none of your opinion needed, thank u*, and i look like serena when i put in on my shoulder. HAHAHA!

anyway i still feel bad. seriously. because i've promised. BUT... considering that its been ages since i last owned a new bag *ye ke? haha* and its ayah's money *it wont affect my monthly budget :p* and i totally cant afford not to have it, i think this time is just an exception :) *or do i sound like im trying to rationalise things now?*

ok so here i am. making a confession. that it is HARD for me not to buy things that i like so much, no matter how HARD i try not to. or shud we just consider collecting bags as my hobby? *this one sounds better right?* :)) and im sorry bag holder, i keep on overdosing u. ohh! and i just realised that this is one of my weaknesses!

f-a-m: none of my family members knw when im coming home. they knw its going to be march, bt they just dont know when! because i purposely dont want to tell them, and thot of giving ibu a big surprise when i suddenly show up in front of my house one fine day :). so...berani lh sape2 bgtau kt diaorg! in any ways! senyaaappppp tau!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

not well

i came back from my MAJOR shopping yesterday at 8pm. manage to spend around *ok x pyh lh mention berapa kn* but A LOT. as soon as i reached home, rasa pening tahap xtau nk ckp, tukar baju *x larat nk mandi pon* terus terbaring. with all the shopping bags berserabut atas katil *soooo not me* saya tertidur. sangat lh panas badan ni, and kepala rasa sgt berat.

dah lama x sakit, now bila sakit rasa nk ibu skrng jugak. ye sekarang! nk poridge yg ibu masak.. :( bt thank god i feel a lot better today, tho kepala still pening2 lagi. its probably because i spent too much time outside *9hours kot* dengan cuaca kt bangalore yg SANGAT PANAS, dan udara yg SANGAT X SEGAR. hopefully i'll be alright by tomorrow because i dont want to be absent on my last day of surgery posting *sedih nye :(*

f-a-m: im going to have my period soon *sighhhhh* another pain coming. erghhh.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

ohhh ayah ~

daddy i love :)

ok people get ready! cause im going to do a MAJOR shopping this saturday! yippppiiieee :D thanx to who? MARA? obviously not! *tolong lh bagi hak allowance buku kami cepat2 ok??* thanx to ayah de generous of course :)) and thanx to western union company as well for making this money transaction very FAST and EASY! as always. hahaha! i cant wait i cant wait :)

f-a-m: sorry and thank you seems to be NOT-the-hardest-word-for-me-to-say. mcm dh terbiasa. sbb tu kalau saya terlanggar org siket pon saya akan ckp sorry *apetah lagi benda2 besar*. saya x fhm kenapa ade org yg sgt rude dlm dunia ni, yg xreti nk mintak maaf dan ckp terima kasih.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


it seems like i have plenty of time today *because forensic medicine test has been postponed to next week :p* hahaha. and i start browsing everyone's blog *of course they one im intrested in*. guess what i found? they linked me! oh-mi-god you guys are sooo cool! bt seriously, u guys make me feel that i am welcome to this whole bloggers world *im just 3months old ok*. thank u thank u :)

i saw names like reen, raihan, miss raihan, k.raihan_ims on their blog. and i try to click on it *saja lh nk baca blog org yg bernama sama konon2 nya, tho the truth is nk check dia org ni tag saya ke. HAHA !* and its seriously me! :)) ohhhhh u guys are so sweet. sumpah first time tulis blog sgt lh rasa inferior, and x nk bgtau org pon. bt to know that they are people who actually read, makes me wanna write more now *i know i write craps most of the times, n im sorry*

im so glad they are cool people like u guys, who support each other! yeahhh!! :)

f-a-m: saya sgt lh buta IT. SERIOUSLY, NO KIDDING! i dont want to list here. it will be endless and embarrassing! hahaha. thats y theres no fancy2 thing dkt blog ni, mcm org lain. nak letak link2 tu pon xreti ok? SUMPAH.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

i shudnt hv done this *i got pharmacology seminar tmrw* but just wanna take 5minutes break, thts why im writing now *i'll surely develope severe headache if i read this non stop*. ok do you know how annoying drugs name cn be?? how about you guys try to pronounce SOME of it and tell me after that?

propranolol, nadolol, atenolol, bisoprolol, metoprolol, labetalol, carvedilol, celiprolol, esmolol.

huh! and tell u wht, thats just FEW names from a TINY little chapter of the WHOLE pharmacology syllabus! i repeat, TINY. i always hv this problem when im reading pharmaco, and concentrating mcm nk gila kt satu topic, i will end up like, "ok wht was the drugs name again?" i mean from the previous topic. its like when i remember one thing, i forgot the other thing! erghhh..S.O.S i need help :X

hopefully i am able to rmmbr all those names before my exams, and not to MIX UP everything. goodluck to me!

f-a-m: i once used schwarzkopf shampoo, conditioner, as well as the serum. u know how much it cost me? shampoo=rs450, conditioner=rs650, serum=rs750. and it took me almost one year to realise how expensive they are!! *thats y im just using garnier now, haha* i probably can have 1 tommy bag or two with that money i wasted on my hair productsss! sheeeeshh.

Monday, March 2, 2009

slight change.

hye people. i just came back from college. and microbiolgy test just now was so-so lahh. i cannot answer this one question at all! *confirm ZERO* the question was, write the principle and uses of seitz filter. tell u the truth i nvr crossed that word before! then how am i supposed to answer right?? hahaha. ok forget about that.

today, im announcing that there will be a slight change im my writting after this :) its nothing actually, bt i just want to inform my loyal readers *chehhhh* hahaha as well as my silent readers *i know i know* that instead of putting p/s at the end of my post, im going to change it to f-a-m *fact about me*. dont u guys think its interesting? well i do. hahah! so that by reading my blog, u'll indirectly know me a lil deeper than others.

REMEMBER! when u see f-a-m after this, that means wht? fact about me. ok? thanx for visiting! do come again :))

f-a-m: i always hv this thing for salty snd sour food!! sangat suka asam2, jeruk, and kalau ibu goreng ayam suruh goreng masin2, ikan masin tu boleh ratah je! haaaa. i know, so baaadddd right? im sorry its just me :p

Sunday, March 1, 2009

welcome march :))

woot woot!! its march already :) and im goin back babyyyy!! i really cant wait to go back home this time *selama ni pon same je sbnrnye*. since i've been saving like HELL this past few months, i think i wanna do SOME shopping di malaysia nnti. *tggu lh semua org, mmg blk dari cuti ni, 2minggu pakai baju baru je pg kelas* hahaha. jk jk :p

if and only if, theres no exam right after the holidays, i might be the happiest girl in the world. makan tido makan tido. keluar lepak2, tgk tv pagi petang siang malam. bt since the REALITY is exam will still be there, im going to be tho most pathetic girl who reads during her HOLIDAY. and thanks to you, ims. *international medical school, sekolah saya*

oh and one more thing about march is..i heard from mr.chandru, that our house rent will be increased to rs3000 per person per month starting from march *tp x official lg k*. which in my case, its going to be rs6000 per month because im staying alone. like HELLO?? *rs6000 tu lebih kurang rm570 satu bilik* this is INDIA ok? nk charge org mahal2 mcm haram tu ingt korang ni negara maju lh? kt mlysia pon x mahal mcm ni. sungguh TAK SEDAR DIRI! *sorry ter emo*

despite of the unbelievable house rent, as well as the exam after my holiday, this semangat nk balik malaysia yg x sbr2 ni membuat kn saya lupa tntng masalah2 lain. sungguh hebat penangan org2 di malaysai ni :)) and the conclusion is, saya x sabar nk balik. titik.

p/s: home is where the HEART is :D