Thursday, July 30, 2009

im still excited, forgive me.

maaf lah ter-blog jugak kt rumah. hahaha. sedang bermood adik beradik ni. ya allah comel2 dan handsome2 lah anak Mr.Ma'mon ni. susah lh mcm ni kan? HAHAHA :)))

oh baru 3 jam sampai rumah dah dpt satu berita baru. Aisyah my last sis the one with the bubble is currently in gymnas class. seronok dia pakai baju ketat2, skirt pendek, n ikat sanggul tinggi2! HAHAHA. beriya2 tunjuk aksi2 ganas dia kat satu rumah td.sbnrnya i pun boleh buat, tapi tak nak lah bg dia down tgk kakak dia lg hebat kan? (padahal i nk buat split pun x boleh dah, HAHAHA)

oh oh oh! as soon as my other sis open the door for me just now, ibu yang dr dapur mcm terkesima tahap x terkata tgk i muncul dpn pintu! and dia terkejut tahap menangis ok?? nampak sgt dia rindu i gila babi! ni i suka buat surprise2 ni. n call ayah kt office, dia ckp alhamdulillah weihhh tau i balik. tak rasa ke i ni sgt disayangi? HAHAHA. ok enough!







Monday, July 27, 2009

long live the QUEEN :)

yeayy! one day left before i go back to malaysia, and please dont ask me how excited i am :) alhamdulillah my resedential permit renewal sttled just now, n i cant believe my dean is so kind and helpful today. FYI shes fierce like a lion, like all the times. u might wanna mengucap istigfar berdoa banyak2 before u enter her office, but today luckily, luck was on my side :) she even called the police officer, and the officer was actually waiting for me when i arrived at his office. when hundreds other foreigners had to struggle and wait for like hours to see him, i got my VVIP pass. how cool is that :)) thanks prof!

dad called this evening, reminding me to fast during nisfu shaaban. and i almost spoil the surprise of coming back home because im all excited when he mentioned nisfu shaaban is next week! u know whats that mean? that means i got to fast with them! yes! with ayah n ibu! perhaps with my other siblings if they are coming back for the weekend! n we can sort of make our own pre-ramadhan celeb. berbuka bersama2, makan makanan sedap bersama2, ohhhhh indah nya :))

ok people! see u when im back from my vacation! come on, u know i dont do blog when im home. hahaha.

p/s: today is definitely my lucky day, probably because i woke up for my subuh prayer :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


ok i know i shouldnt have done this. i gt millions of pages of pathology to be read!! but just a quick update :)) im extremely-super-duper-happy because in one week time i'll be in MALAYSIA people!! i repeat MALAYSIA :)))) just bought my ticket just now, n everythings confirmed. and i completely understand how u feel (especially my fellow colleagues). jealous, sad, wanting to go back too, happy cause now my attendance will be just like u, and whats not. so thats why, im going to share this happiness with u people!! u cant go back? i'll bring MALAYSIA to u!!!

so heres the deal. frankly speaking, im broke. like broke broke! but still this shopping habit in me cannot resist THAT CRAZY MEGASALE happening in malaysia now. because i'll probably not going to shop that much (fhm2 je lah beli tckt last minute ni, BANKRUP i), i'll do the shopping for u! isnt that great?? i still can go CRAZZZZZYYYY hunting all the shopping malls (eventhough its ur stuff im buying) and u can have whatever u want that u CAN NEVER GET IN BANGALORE!!!!!!

contoh format:

raihan/kak raihan/adik raihan (eeeeww) yg comel *ni format wajib ayat pertama korang kena tulis* tp serious, kalau korang x tulis xnk tolong!! BAHAHAH!!

1) boleh tak tolong belikan wedge ALDO yg lilit2 sampai lutut tu, pastu studed2 tu. size 5 k? ni gambar i bg sekali. ngan duit.
2) i rasa nak pergi final exam ni nak pakai shirt topman lah. size s ok kak.raihan. ni gambar i bg sekali. ngan duit.
3) raihan!!!!! please please belikan i ada satu top zara tu size uk6. ni gambar i bg sekali. ngan duit.
4) eh ada satu perfume tu sdp gila bau. belikan kat duty free airport eh? ni i bg duit.

ok apa2 saja lah yang korang nak. TAPI MINTA MAAF, makanan2 i xterima. harap maklum. dan i mmg xnk on9 atau terima msg2 ym yg tiba2 je muncul bila i dh kt mlysia. nak mintak tlg, skrng lah masa nya!! so hurry up! while stock last (ok apahal?) hahaha. first come first serve basis :))) beberapa org bertuah je dapat! leave a comment here, or msg me at fb or my number before this friday! too kind sometimes. but what to do? thats just me. BAHAHAHA. ok time for Mr.robbins!
lots of love,
raihan :)

Monday, July 20, 2009


Saturday, July 18, 2009


i watched harry potter last night. and yeah "it-was-GOLD-CLASS-again". everything felt very similar and familiar. n i must say, im less jakun this time around ;) thats an improvement u see?? HAHA.

i really wanna make a review of 'the half blood prince' but i dont know what to write. im not trying to discourage u people but to me, its rather less magic-action (i thought hp is all about magic!), no climax, dull through out the movie (ok just a few lah yg x dull), and u'll probably go like "is that all??" when it comes to the end of the show. ok did i just discourage u to go n watch? im sorry!

thank god i din read the book (all the seven books to be precised) or else i'll be cursing the director and leave the cinema with emotional breakdown last night ( HAHAHA, ok mcm over sgt lh pulak ;p)

so my advice is, if u are a hp fan, just go n watch laaa! but dont buy gold class ticket! it wasnt that bad, but its wayy below my level of expectations. well looking at the bright side, hermione is prettier now, ron is such a cute boy and harry is mmm nerd? haha! and and and! all this negative feelings might just be me? right?? (always think positve people, ececech!)

heres few photos that i took last night. i hope at least these can ease your mind towards 'the half blood prince' :)

this is that couple seat i told you guys last week! it is HUGETS right?

and this is me! while waiting at the lounge :))

p/s: i siap bersila terlentang melunjur semua atas couch besar gedabak tu smlm (x main sgt ngan "magic buttons" dh ;p)

pp/s: harry potter and hermione are two sweet bestfriends ;) awwwwww...

Friday, July 17, 2009


i gt bored with outside food since i step into second year of my MBBS, like seriously bored. even reach a point when anybody ask me to join them to casino or ice spice or anywhere else nearby i really feel like puking just hearing the name of the restaurants. not that their food isnt tasty, i dont know how to say this. the suitable word may be JEMU JELAK ?? hahaha. and.... that is when, i started to learn how to cook and experimenting new recipes :) interesting indeed!

dont worry im not going to bore u guys with my secret recipe again. one dose per month is enough i guess! hahahah. the main puprpose of writing this:
1) sbb dh lama i x update blog
2) nk bgtau i dh bosan nk mampus mkn outside food, tp kenapa korang x???
3) sbb dh ada stalker rindu blog i ;)
4) i got a greatest offer to make, soon enough! so u guys keep urself updated! because when i said GREATEST, i mean it :))

how to make spaghetti bolognese *sorry only pictures available :)*

untuk recipe, u guys reka lah sendiri. i skrng dh mcm pro dah. xde recipe proper. main campak2 je. ewahhhh kan?? hahaha! ok! stay tune for the greatest offer i mentioned earlier ;)) time for pathology now! till then, bye2!

p/s: how can u not like me future-mother-in-law? HAHAHA!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

i've got mine, how bout u?

yeayyy!!! and its GOLD CLASS again ;))

Monday, July 13, 2009

finger licking good :D

hye people! todays post is special because for the first time, yours truly gona reveal one of her mom's secret recipe, sotong goreng tepung ;) HAHAH! it is very simple, easy to prepare and tasty for sure, so here it goes!

500gm sotong
4-5 biji kuning telur
tepung jagung
garam dan black pepper

cara membuatnya:
1) bersihkan sotong sebersih2 nya. tanggal kan kulit sotong dan potong mengikut size kesukaan anda. dan pasti kan sotong anda sebersih ini.

2) tos kan sotong shingga kering (ibu suruh lap sotong tu with kitchen towel to make sure its really dry and i did what she said) but i dont know whats the reason! HAHA! *kata secret recipe, ikut je lah!*
3) kemudian sediakan tepung untuk dicelup dgn sotong. kacau kuning telur bersama garam dan black pepper secukup rasa. masukkan tepung jagung sedikit demi sedikit sehingga menjadi paste seperti ini (pandai2 agak ah kan)

4) salut sotong dengan tepung, dan masuk kan dalam kuali yang minyak dah pun dipanaskan. goreng sehingga kekuning-kuningan seperti ini ;) tadaaaaa! dah siap!!

sedap di makan begitu sahaja especially while watching paris hilton BFF show! HAHAH! ok selamat mencuba :))

Sunday, July 12, 2009


im very tired. so u better tell me what im going to show u is nice! ahhhh rasa nk merengek sebab penat! i mmg jadi maid sejati lah tadi! i sapu bilik, i mop bilik, i bersihkan kipas (eh silap, hajar yang tolong ;p) i bukak katil guna screwdriver ok?? (HEBAT GILA RAIHAN!!), i angkat katil letak kt luar, i angkat rak buku masuk dalam. ah diam ah korang. saya penat ni!



wah si gemuk! seronok nampak dapat masuk gambar?? bukan nak tolong! tau senyum je! cittttt! ok what say u? ok kan?? i dh bawak satu katil lagi letak kt luar, so sekarang i boleh lah nk skip dalam bilik (in my dream). meja study pon skrng dah letak bawah lampu, harap2 lepas ni dapat distinction! BAHAHA! all in all, sangat berpuas hati dengan usaha sendiri (dan kawan2 yg membantu). ada lah ruang sikit i nak main police entry dalam bilik bila dah keluar kan satu lagi katil tu ;)

ok akibat nak sangat save rs100, sbb kalau panggil org kerja maintainence untuk bukak katil dan angkat katil semua kena bayar kat dia (tips mam tips mam!) i dapat ini! kesian kan? nak picit boleh x?? geram tgk dia gelembung! tapi nanti sakit!! tu lah, semangat sangat i putar screwdriver tu! :(( kalau jumpa doctor dapat m.c tak korang rasa??

ok, ada alasan x pergi seminar pharmaco esok. HEHEH ;p

Saturday, July 11, 2009

medically speaking u r adorable ;)

they said if u wanna get rid something off your mind, get yourself busy. and i think it works ;) eventhough i skipped my last day of obstetrics and gynaecology posting (ok now i feel guilty) this morning, and hit transformers instead, it was all WORTH IT ;)

we left home as early as 11 just to make sure we dont get the heartbreaking answer "sorry mam the tickets are all sold out", since this is the second day they showing transformers. as lame as it may sound, what to do, certain country has their own policy right? some movies release early here than malysia, some just wayyyyyyyy behind any other countries. so dont blame me when i get excited!!

and for the first time of my entire life living in bangalore (baru 2tahun je, mind u. HAHAH) i went to a gold class cinema, called fame. woot woot ;) and tell u what? it was AWESOME!! i was actually enjoying myself more than the movie at first. i keep on pushing the automatic buttons at the side of the couch. yeah u heard me. HUGE COUCH. with pillows and blanket. with waiters taking orders n all ;) i was amazed, and looked like this.

look how huge the couch is! im just quarter the size! and look at those automatic buttons! that can keep u front n back, that can lift ur leg up n down, mannnn i cant stop playing for the first five minutes! hahaha! and and the best part is, my leg cant even touch the ground (because the couch is huge, not because im short!) this is more than comfortable ;))

im not concetrating on the movie seriously, until i found out that theres someone very familiar! i strain my eyes very hard trying to recognize him, and went like "OMG is that JOSH DUHAMEL????" and he is josh duhamel! why theres nobody told me hes in the movie? why? i would have watched it yesterday if i knew! (exaggerating ;p) HAHAH.

ok theres no use of making a review of transformers here right? semua org pun dh tengok. even watching it for the third times now. pffffffttt. i never like to watch this kind of movie, more into romance kind of stuff, but this one, really caught me ;) REALLY. and im going to hit fame again for harry potter on the 16th ;)) and i highly recommend gold class cinema for a gold class movie to all of u!

p/s:another busy day for me tomorrow, and will update about that later!

pp/s: i shopped quite a lot just now! and im going to fast the whole next week! *GULPPPPPP*

ppp/s: the couple seat is the HUGEST! *wink wink*

Friday, July 10, 2009

my first video!! ;))

HOW TO USE A CHOPSTICK. (but please, dont jump ;p)

ladies and gentleman...presenting..yours truly first video ever!! hahah! sebagai permulaan bagi lah i yg appear dulu ok? next time i upload lah video2 yg lebih menarik ;)) video ini adalah hasil daripada masa yang terluang bila mata masih x ngantuk tapi its already pass my bedtime! so, enjoy!!! ;)) ohhhh i rasa rambut i dah panjang lah!! nak potong rambut boleh??

credit to safiah ;) (harus lah lurus bendul saya ni, dia suruh lompat, saya lompat! HAHAHA)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

enough is enough

cant believe im all grown up now! and i am so proud of myself i manage to settle everything on my own! i pay my own bills, i deal with the bank manager on my own, i buy chicken on my own (bukan yg dkt supermarket ok?), i change my toilet bulb on my own, i fight with the auto driver on my own (ni paling hebat), i send clothes for stitching on my own, ok enough said im a grown up girl. comparing with those days when i used to be so dependant on my parents n brothers, i can pretty much say i turn out GOOD :)

saya dah bayar semua bil2 dan sewa rumah, dah shopping barang2 rumah,ayam bawang beras semua untuk bulan ni, dan rasa sangat dewasa dan lega ;) sekarang duit yang ada boleh lah buat shopping (oooops) eh silap buat simpanan untuk hari susah. ecececeh ;p tapi sebenarnya saya dah shopping untuk diri sendiri jugak bulan ni. so enough is enough raihan!!

ok tgk balik gambar2 ni, rasa mcm diri sendiri ialah seorang yg cacat. tapi tak pe lah saya maaf kan diri sendiri sbb MEMANG DAH LAMA X SHOPPING OK?? and just now i send a parcel to my lovely buyer, and going to hit western union soon to claim my money. oh duit lagi~~ indah nya ;))) but for sure that money will go straight away into i-need-money-for-europe fund!


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

look what i've got ;)

i got my cupcakes today!! specially made by k.jenn ;) cant u see how cute it is? sayang tau i nk gigit rama2 tu tadi! HAHAHA! and and and cupcake ni sedaaaaaap! betul x tipu! the price is Rs.135 for 5cupcakes. tho i think its a lil expensive but considering the fact that all the ingredients are imported from malaysia (thats what i heard) and made by malaysian (kurang lah sikit chance nk dpt diarrhea atau enteric fever atau typhoid ke kan) i dont mind paying ;) all in all im SATISFIED and sure gonna be a regular customer. THANKS A LOT K.JENN ;))

another thing! look what i've found at my doorstep after i came back from dinner just now! hahahaha. i ada secret admirer laaaa ;))) suka buat surprise mcm ni tau! terharu i! the flower is still fresh, i thought this dedication was for yesterday? anyway THANKS u !! really appreciate it :)

one last thing that i've got today! anonymous yang suka gila stalk hidup i tu dh datang balik you all. yang ni pun i terharu ;)) tak sangka dia minat sangat ngan life i. comment2 i semua dia nak baca. awwwww...kita jumpa hari2 kt college kenapa x nk ckp depan2? alalalala malu la tu kan? xpe, i yakin satu hari nanti u'll find a life that is not as pathetic as now ;) u pun kena yakin tau! THANKS FOR BEING MY LOYAL READER. im touched!

ok! masa untuk tidur! selamat malam semua ;D

Sunday, July 5, 2009

happy 4th of july.

ok i know im not a citizen of america! i just wanted to change my layout because i got bored with the previous one already, so i browsed and i found this! nice isnt it? i purposely choose this one out of hundreds other layouts because i wanted to give some support/courage/whatever u call that to amal who is currently counting days to go to this XoXo land! HAHAHA.
  • p/s: dont miss home (OR ME) too much once u are there ok?? ;ppp

Saturday, July 4, 2009

im a woman ;))

and FINALLY i got to be myself again after only-god-knows-how-long! and mannn it felt so good! but this time its a lil different. i din go to the usual shops today. instead i went to this one complex, not so popular but still situated at brigade road (google google!) looking for nothing in particular, just enter any shop that caught my eyes.

and guess which shop got my most attention? bags? shoes? dresses? nope! its jewellery shop people! not kedai emas like poh kong or habibs tu, but jewellery shops yg jual stones n all. haaaaa ;)) i entered almost 3 jewellery shops kot?? i knowwww! what is wrong with me right?? like so mummy-ish. but i think im falling in love with those already. so its too late to wake me up now ;p

i saw this one bracelet (which i cant afford OBVIOUSLY) and went like "omg thats gorgeoussss" and start dreaming of having one rich husband (or boyfriend, ehemm3!) who can buy that bracelet for me as anniversary present or something, as soon as the bracelet touches my skin. but looking at the price tag? it really turns me off! why la so expensive??? i slowly put it back and start looking at things that i can at least buy! thats diasappointing anyway ;(

since im not (NEVER) a big fan of gold, i think this stone2 (mind u diamonds are stone too ;pp)thingy are suitable for myself. its nice, not as typical as gold chain (yucksss), chique, can be very colourful; ruby, topaz, sapphire, emerald,....*sighhh* how can i not like this? right?

ok enough about the bracelet-that-i-cannot-afford-for-now tu kan! being realistic me, i din waste my time admiring something that i couldnt have, so i moved on to something that i possibly could have! the pendant ;)) i put the one that i adore so much on hold, and im going to get that next week. cant u see IM A WOMAN NOW ;p

p/s: i actually bought a bag too today. oooooppppss ;D

screw u!

from, Mohamad Sufian
Menu hari ini:

Appetizer: DURIAN. HAHA

Main Menu:Siakap sweet sour & Kankong goreng belacan. (tau2 je la ibu masak..Ya Allah sedap nye raihan - ayat ajib)

Lastly: ade la pulut durian ckit siap ble hanta gie umh atuk petang nanti.

Main Objective: betapa melambak nye durian kat umh. HUAHAHAHA


Friday, July 3, 2009


wah wah! semakin malas nampak nya raihan update blog dia kan? peminat2 ku sekalian, jangan hampa dan putus harapan ok? i ada je, cuma i busy lah lately ni..serious x tipu! lepas satu satu. masa minggu sukan hari tu, haruslah semua homework i, i campak tepi kan? bila habis je hujung minggu dan class start balik monday tu, nah! amek kau! homework BERTIMBUN2! bengkak2 jari i tulis x henti2!

nasib baik assignment pharmaco therapeutic dah submit rabu lepas! lega gila! then i malas lah nk tangguh2 homework lagi kan? i gagah gila teruskan perjuangan buat forensic medicine pulak! ni pun bengkak2 jari! minggu lepas dia org bagi 50 gambar, this week 50 lagi. so siapa2 yg x start buat lagi tu, 100 gambar weihhh korang kena tulis (i dah siap. yeay!!) oh oh, terasa nk tunjuk lah satu dua gambar forensic tu kat sini. peminat2 i nk tgk x?? nk lah nk lah! ah x kira nk tunjuk jugak. this might be offensive *jangan pengsan ok?*

ha i kena gunting gambar tu, tampal dalam record book, salin caption dia pulak. phfewwwwh! penat ok? i ada lg 97 gambar nk tunjuk. siapa2 berminat email lh i ok? (ohhh psycho nye aku).

omg omg! hari ni 3 july kot?? kenapa mara x masuk2 kan duit lagi ni?? grrrr. dah dua hari i x makan tau. dah 2bulan i tak shopping tau (ooops!) hahaha. i dh buat keputusan! i nk shopping jugak minggu ni! i dah x tahan ok? tapi i risau ni, takut i xdpt kawal diri. ya allah ya tuhan ku, bantu lah aku ;))

esok i dapat cupcakes dr k.jenn. harap2 sedap! nnti i buat review pasal cupcakes tu bila i dh rasa ok?? oh oh! i nk ckp lagi satu benda je! i minat gilaaaaaaaa lah kat nast-y tu! korang kenal x? mesti lah kan? i rasa kalau i berangan kawin ngn abu ni, lagi realistic kot dr i berangan kawin ngn ezra miller kan? i sanggup tau x tido sampai pukul 3 pagi layan GHOST tu! sbb nak tgk farouk je sbnrnya! kacak kacak kacak comel ;))

mesti lah yg kiri kan??