Sunday, August 30, 2009


stop trying ur level best to take whats mine, because u'll never get the chance honey u'll never get. so stop dreaming like a child ;))

Queen R.


for this. saya ingin mengucapkan SELAMAT MENYAMBUT HARI KEBANGSAAN ke-52 to all Malaysians all over the world! i really had fun during our 'merdeka and majlis berbuka puasa celebration' with the embassy last night ;)) let us all contribute something to our country, with excellent performances (chehhh) in whatever field we are in ;))


and for this too! to all gossip girl bitches all over the world! ;)) hopefully the 3rd season will be filled with more exciting bitch action and heart-melting romantic scenes! oh i heard Hillary duff, tyra banks and Joanna Garcia (privileged) will be in. so CANT WAIT ;DD


gossip girl (BAHAHA)

Friday, August 28, 2009

the thoughts :)

i went for terawikh just now, and no do not get me wrong. im not trying to boast around. i just got a shock of my life to see the crowd-less hall. i can actually count with my ten fingers the total of makmum lelaki! i was wrong mannn. i thought i'll see you, him, him and him since this is a special month, but NADAAAAA they were no where to be found. just the same old same old person, im pretty sure all of u can guess who. this is sad...lagi ramai mesti lagi meriah ;(

but kena lah selalu bersangka baik kan? may be hari ni je dia org x dtg surau? or may be mereka sembahyang terawikh di rumah. yeah MAY BE. then i think its good enough ;) i know ini bukan solat fardhu, but to me, lelaki yang tak bersembahyang terawikh ialah lelaki yg paling tidak macho walaupun kau kacak nak mampus. i just dont adore such people. (apatah lagi kalau tinggal solat fardhu) so everybody, i know im not a right person to tell this (but just because i dont wear hijab that doesnt mean i cant give advice right?) since its ramadhan yang setahun sekali je ni (which may be our last ramadhan who knows?) banyak2 kan lah beramal ;)

i almost shed my tears just now. hm. may be a good one.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

this is real!

i used to be a girl who'll take everything very seriously. not in the sense of jokes, but other things. like i used to be so mad when somebody (who is dearly to me of course) just leave without saying good bye. as in in the middle of sms-ing or Im-ing without considering the fact they may be having something so immediate they really got to go. and this has caused me so much trouble because due to the mood swing that i created myself, i cant focus on my studies. stupid me.

i cried buckets just because somebody (who is dearly to me of course) wish my birthday few minutes/HOURS later than others that are not so dearly to me, without considering the fact they may have their own reasons (which i cant think of any right now, haha) and this has caused me so much pain and it ruined my birthday when i can actually take it easy and just enjoy the rest of it. stupid me.

the fact that i am a planner, everything has to be done accordingly. and i expect it to happen no matter what, without thinking that sometimes certain things come unexpectedly like emergencies and all and even with plan A B C D & E, if something is not meant to be happened, it just wont. but stupid me, i go all disappointed with it even when somebody come up with another idea. i can actually just go with the flow!

and i went emotional all the way when i got to know something very important about somebody who is close to me from somewhere/somebody else and not from themselves. when they might thought that they've told me, its just them being forgetful. like come on, i forgot things too right?? pfffft!

so u see, being all negatives will never lead u to a happy life. and that was me, yeah WAS (or is? no no I'm sure WAS. haha) now that I'm a person who'll take things easy (easy doesn't mean ignore), and think about others situation as well when something unpleasant happened, had really made my life easier and HAPPIER ;))! even when they suddenly disappear, even when they ruined my birthday, even when they ditch me with my PERFECT plans, even when they dont tell me things, i'll just smile and think positive!

come to think of it, theres nothing to lose right so why crying and being mad at something unnecessarily? so ladies and gentlemen if u are someone just like me (the old me) come on make it WAS as well! and even if being positive wont make u feel any better, here's the thing. remember this charming mantra! WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. buat baik di balas baik, buat jahat di balas jahat, easy peasy ;))

to all the cry babies in the world, CHEERS ;D

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


OK honestly people, tell me now where can i get this! i want i want i want! if u are in India, please tell me n I'll love u forever! omg look at the colour! very ORGASMIC! and this silicon cover I'm searching for is for blackberry bkn iPhone tau, in case u guys gt confused! heheh ;ppp
n if i can have all 14 colours (which comes in 1set in USA, LUCKY LUCKY people!!) i'll change my bb cover everyday before i go to college!!

n btw, im serious about finding one. SOS!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

study mode-ON.

everybody at Malaysia now must be busy preparing juadah berbuka puasa, but here i am sitting in front of my laptop munching my 5star chocolate. hehehe, I'll join u guys tomorrow OK ;) speaking of ramadhan! how i wish I'm at home with my family now. omg life is hard without u guys, tsk tsk ;( ok! dh dh malas lah cerita pasal kemeriahan di rumah, benci!

i just wanna let u guys know that I'm running out of time! exams are coming real soon! and I'm just ABOUT to start. don't worry this is not unusual. I'm really a last minute person and it kinda works that way. a lot of portion to be covered and i just got 15 days left! ok that's FAST!! and poooooff! I'll be in Malaysia again right after my last paper! that's the sweetest part ;))

ENDLESS i tell u!

so I'm in study mode. might rarely update my blog. wish me luck people ;)) oh and one more thing! my sleep cycle has changed now! since its ramadhan, u'll prolly see me on9 as early as 5! i guess its good for my knowledge grasping as well ;) tk cr everyone!

Friday, August 21, 2009

all the good things ;)

hari ini birthday si comel saya ;)) happy birthday ibu!! semoga sihat tubuh badan (mmg sihat pun badan dia, heheh) i mean kesihatan ;p semoga masakan2 ibu bertambah kesedapannya so that if ayah dah melantak ngn kawan2 dia kt office pun still akan balik rumah utk lunch bersama (ewaahhh) sila lah perasan anda muda sbb belum 50 tahun (dia yg claim weihhhh x boleh bla! hahah!) LONG LIVE THE QUEEN ;DD love u love u love u!!

and to all muslims, selamat berpuasa! shopping sakan di bazaar ramadhan tu ingat2 lah kami di perantauan. hehehe! banyak kan beramal ok? mari sama2 kita jadi kan ramadhan kali ini lebih baik dari ramadhan yg sebelumnya. saya nk cuba khatam kan al-quran, insyAllah. doa kan saya ok! jom ramai2? ;))

Thursday, August 20, 2009

i got surgery test tomorrow but still haven't started anything yet. i just feel that something is missing. its just so empty ;(

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

3,2,1 ACTION ;DD

and this to mum, heheh. im sorry ibu...alaaa still cute what? hahaha ;pp


people been asking me why do i rarely seen on9 through ym. and my answer is simple, i don't do ym anymore. oh mi god ym sucks big time mannnn!! to me at least! used to have a good relationship with it, but now naaaahhh! suka sgt buat perangai ym ni! boooo!! ha see? even ym change!!

so now I'm on skype. lets hope this one will serve me good! but stupid skype it doesn't allow apostrophe so instead of'mon my id is now raihan.mamon (dad ur name is surely unique!) add me in ur list, because im not sure whether i'll be using ym ever again! dont be shy, come on ;))

life is a changing process

nothing is permanent but change, they said. and i agree with that. as i keep growing and observing all the things that happened around me, i see nothing but changes.

i got friends all over the world. and i know, being away from our parents somehow gives us freedom. no one will stop you from going out late at night, nobodys there to make sure u do your prayers 5times a day, no one will nag u about what u wear (they don't even know what you wear) and the list goes on. but some of us get too overwhelmed with this "freedom" and they start changing. from wearing a hijab to spaghetti strap, from praying 5times a day to living in the same house with gf/bf, from staying at home watching TV to get drunk every weekends. i used to think that drama and movie makers try to fool me when i was a kid because i don't think this thing really happen in reality life, but now i know this is REALITY.

i used to call my parents every day, but now it has changed. i used to play poke with u at facebook but now u never poke me back, it has changed. i said we are bff with my primary school girlfriends but now i don't even know where they are, that one changed too. so many things has changed. its just too many things.

but the bottom line is, its all depends on you. on me. on us. and i hope what ever changes that are going to happen after this is a good one :) nothing lasts forever i know, and I'm REALISTIC about that!

p/s: in matters of style swim with the current, in matters of principle stand like a rock!

Monday, August 17, 2009

one down two to go ;)

first of all thanks to anonymous and 'izzati for recommending few recipe websites, u guys are very helpful! and second of all, look what i have done to my prawns ;)) i made it people! OMG its soooooo damn delicious u can ask safiah and hajar if u dont believe me! this is my first time cooking based on online recipes, and i got to admit its totally reliable ! u guys should try too ;)

Honey Prawn

my stomach is bloating now, and my eyes are half open! but i got forensic medicine test tomorrow thanks to you honey prawn!

p/s: ok, i think i can be a good wife, BAHAHAH. ;p

bye people!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

its a wet thing!

i went to Russell market this morning as early as 8. since today is India's national day so its a holiday, no clinical no classes so i was supposed to wake up late. i mean its mandatory to wake up late. come Saturday for people like us comes only twice a month. YES PEOPLE TWICE A MONTH. so its a kind of privilege when we get holiday like this! but unfortunately (or fortunately) having friends who are very enthusiastic in going to MARKET at this very special day as early as 8 (as if its going to be closed at 9) they really don't give me any options. pfffftttt!

Russell market is basically a place where u can get anything under one roof. but the problem is that, its quite far from our house (as far as MG road. but the different is i go to MG for TOMMY HILFIGER but RUSSELL for what, fish???) ok lets pass that! u name anything u want u'll get it. from bunga kantan, tauhu, daun kesum, serai, kerang, ketam, and whats not. being in foreign country like this its quite difficult to find all these things but thanks to Russell, our problem is solved ;)

ohh and another thing about India. people here will do what ever they can to earn money. if u are just like me who hates to lift heavy things, going to market is not a problem anymore. why? because they have "kuli" service, who will carry all the things that you bought through out. of course i have to pay the man, but at least i don't have to hurt my hands ;)

because i don't feel the heaviness of all the things that i bought (thanks to u Mr.carry man) i keep on buying things unconsciously! so lets recall my lost today.
1) return auto fare: Rs 160 (+/- Rm 16)
2) crab MEAT :Rs 300
3) BIG prawns : Rs 250
4) squid (as long as my arm, SERIOUSLY) : Rs 120
5) fish : Rs 100
6) serai tauhu bawang kentang sayur2 cili etc : Rs 250
7) Mr.carry man : Rs150 (baik nya i ;)))

so the total is Rs1330. omg i spent like my mother now! hahah! ok but the funny thing is, out of all the fresh wet things i got in my freezer, guess what i had for lunch?? ikan goreng kunyit dan ayam masak merah semalam!! i cant believe this! what happened to raihan who went like " omg sedap gila udang masak sambal ni. omg sotong ni goreng pun sedap ni. OMG ISI KETAM LAAAAAHH" this is sad. so sad. oh come on im not lazy?? i just don't know what to do with them. and now i need ibu so bad ;(

any good recipes people? please, i dont wanna keep them for too long!

Friday, August 14, 2009

where r u

angel, may the one above us keep u safe. for the rest of days.

ya allah ya tuhan ku, jangan lah kau biar kan dia keseorangan apabila dia dalam kesusahan. amin.

i miss u.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

drama queen

i feel like i need a new hair style and kind of adore Adriana's hair at this moment.

well u know my mother really had an issue with us (me and my sisters) every time we asked her permission to cut our hair. its like girls with short hair aren't beautiful to her (come on mother??) so that's explain why i din get my hair done at malaysia. just by asking "ibu petang nnti akak nk pg gunting rambut eh?" can turn into a whole DRAMA and I'm not kidding! hopefully if i cut my hair this time (without her knowing of course) she wont halau me when I'm back for raya next month. HAHAH ;p

and for the record i think this is the shortest length i could possibly have, in order to keep my mom breathing, literally! hahaha! anyhow this is just another random things in my head right now, so I'm not sure yet whether to cut it or not. lets just wait and see ;)

what do u guys think?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

can i go back again??

why is everybody seems to be least concern towards H1N1 disease or disaster i would say. with number of people died increasing day by day, i think its about time for us to take action. well good enough if u already did!

to be frank I'm not much concern either. i just came back from Malaysia and all my sisters were caught up with flu and cough during my stay but i couldn't be bothered about it. all i know is to "shhhhhh!!!" them every time the cough because that's too annoying. not because of I'm worried about my health nor theirs! omg I'm terrible, hahah! well my sister went for a check up and done a blood test, don't worry shes free ;)

back to this serious issue. remember, PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE, and in this contacts IGNORANCE IS NOT A BLISS!! you'll never know if its going to be u so why take the risk? but seriously we tend to take things easy because we thought we'll escape. of course sometimes we do, but not ALWAYS. SESAL DAHULU PENDAPATAN SESAL KEMUDIAN TIDAK BERGUNA! (kenapa pendapatan ek? x faham)

precautions can prevent swine flu, REALLY!
1) avoid being in overcrowding places like shopping malls, market, INDIA (hahah!)
2) cover your mouth when u cough or sneeze, stop being selfish.
3) wash your hands often with soap and water.
4) try to avoid close contact with sick people (omg i met them everday, im dying o'oo)
5) berdoa supaya sihat tubuh badan ;)

together we make the difference! ;)

wishing all of u in the pink of health! and get well soon to those who are sick.

p/s: i think u r immature and lonely. boooooyah!

Friday, August 7, 2009


ok finally friday is today! someone is back from somewhere, so yeayyy to that! :)) im going to KL with my family this evening for some family gathering and that means i got to pack my things now. because flight to india is on sunday and they gonna send me straight away after that. oh i hate this. how i wish i dont have to go back ;(( but what to do, as this is life for now, deal with it raihan!

looking at the bright side, this is the happiest holiday so far :). i think. got to spend time with all my loved ones in an effortless way. everything just happen without much planning, and i love things that way. spent a weekend with amal and her family before shes leaving for america. spent the whole one week with my family plus tey minus abang n ajib. but gonna meet abang at kl today. no chance to meet ajib, but its ok im coming back again this raya. looking forward for that. we miss u bro :(

do some wise shopping (ehemm ehemm), siblings day out, great foods, and whats not. all in all im satisfied with my holiday, no regrets baby no regrets ;)) so hopefully i'll be more energetic to study after this since exam is nearing. aminnnnn ;)

i think im gonna end this holiday with another dose of good food at KL (ohh it runs in the family, really) and if time allows, might be going to putrajaya for the floria and hot air balloons thingy. cant wait!

tolong ah jgn lupa diri kat amerika sarikat tu ye mak aji!

p/s: seronok weihhh tgk kt jalan raya ada kereta buatan negara. ingat kt india ada?? x dapat beb..

Thursday, August 6, 2009


how can i not love friday right?? thank god its tomorrow! thursday thursday go away! come again another day!!

p/s: hish budak2 ims ni mmg nk kena tau! time i buat offer before balik tu nk pesan apa2 ke x buat muka sombong nak mampus mcm x perlu kan bantuan. ni bila i dh blk bersenang lenang bersama keluarga...setiap kali i on9 ada je org pesan itu ini! ha cuba ckp siapa yg gedik sekarang? ha ha? nasib baik yours truly ni mmg seorang yang baik hati kan kan kan! baik korang agree skrng kalau x bye2! hahahaha!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

tik tok

oh time, please dont fly this fast ;(((

p/s: rindu u lah gila!