Sunday, December 6, 2009

thank u so much .

if u ever feel lonely and messy and sad and frustrated and whatnot, but u still have to live because committing suicide is prohibited in Islam, i suggest u to call your nearest baskin robbins and asked them to deliver u buckets & buckets of ice cream right to your doorstep ;)) because it works for me,really! (not that i try to kill myself, nauzubillah!)

i'm just going through a MASSIVE transformation right now, and not dare to say i'm OK because i am obviously NOT (just look at my post(s) right) but i'm trying my VERY best to adapt with this, slowly. and i think i did ok so far.

thanks to medicine, thanks to all the shit load of homeworks, thanks to the endless tests and seminars, thanks baskin ;)

so to whoever out there who feels sad & gloomy, wake up! its time to see the sunshine again! go eat anything u feel like eating! its the best time to gain weight after all! ok enough raihan, everybody is happy so just talk to yourself, hahaha ;))


athirah awesome said...

apa yang kau nak sedih gloomy bagai ni? pasal bex mati ke? kan ada xoe. hahaha.

raihan said...

aku x sempat pun nk bermain api ngan arwah ;(