Monday, December 7, 2009

inul , jakarta .

Ok its time for restaurant review! i just had a delicious dinner at this one place called ELEMENTS and i highly recommend u people to go if u feel like u need to award yourself after successfully attended the nerve wracking pharmacology seminar! especially the one that u thot of not going at the first place but u still went because u are one good girl, like me! BAHAHA ;p

the reasons why you should try ELEMENTS;

1) its near from college. u see fun world, and theres one petrol bunk right? yeah take that left turn, and go straight until u see airtel office on your left, and keep going (slowly because u r almost there) and ELEMENTS is on your left side too.
2) VERY cheap. one platter of seafood is just rs.300.
3) endless menu to choose from! (i hate this part tho) VERY confusing. feel like trying ALL of them.
4) they got sheesha ;) *i should try this again (the first & last time i did this was like years ago with my best friend) omg am i lame? HAHA!
5) of course sebab sedapppppp ;D

my rs.300 special seafood steak with cheese sauce.

ok note to yourself; u dont have to dress fancy because its a very 'santai' restaurant with a Mediterranean concept (sesuai sgt utk pergi lepas seminar ;p) own by an Indonesian who happened to be there just now and of course being very friendly to us (afiq to be exact, HAHA). Most importing thing is, HALAL :)) semua ada! ayam daging kambing sotong ikan udang ketam lobster, ha pilih2!

u people should try! but if its me who is left behind here, then my bad ;p

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acu said...

agree with you raihan. Been there yesterday. As you said, the food was superb! And cheap also, huhuhuhu.