Tuesday, December 15, 2009

last time .

"i seriously don't know where i stand when it comes to u & your 'having-fun-time'. its like i am not even in your mind at all and suddenly i am NO ONE. but i'm used to it already & i'm cool with that! wow seems like i'm cool with EVERYTHING now. i just hope that i don't burst one day, no no better not ;DD and TRUST me this is the LAST time u are going to hear me babbling about something u guys don't even understand!"

ok WTF dah nak balik Malaysia pun nak emo2! hahah! forget about that! in 24hours from now i'll be at the airport already waiting for my flight to board! AWESOMENESS ;)) ayah baru je call and he's going to fetch me, yeayyy! we are going to have our breakfast (since my arrival is at 7am) straight away after that. TAK sabar nya ;D and he told me that we are going to Kuala Lumpur the next day itself! see ? day 1 pun dah BUSY! ohhhh i miss driving ;)

i still haven't packed anything yet which i'm going to do right after i'm done with class tomorrow! hopefully i wont forget anything important because i am soooo not a last minute person in matter like this (in studies, YES i am haha) blame all my tests & seminars & tutorials that keep me INSANE !

i better go and read my ophthalmology now (even though i'm NOT in the mood. at ALL) but what to do as if i got any option right! i leave u guys with one link, check it out IF u are bored ok? http://athirahawesome.blogspot.com/2009/12/tak-boleh-dibiarkan.html (i said IF and ONLY IF u are bored).

OMG i can smell home already ;))


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IkieYcrUnchie_ikreLIcious said...

Kak Raihan, i dah kasik ikan u makan!